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CSUN students travel to Arizona to protest law banning Mexican-American Studies programs


CSUN students stand at the Arizona/Mexico border minutes before being questioned by border patrol. The students traveled to Tucson, Arizona this past weekend to protest the banning of ethnic studies programs by the state. Photo by Daniel Mulato

CSUN students traveled to Tucson, Ariz. last weekend to join the fight against Arizona’s banning of Mexican-American Studies programs.

Mexican-American Studies were once part of the K-12 curriculum, according to the Tucson Unified School District, but are now forbidden because of the implementation of House Bill 2281.

The bill, passed May of last year, prohibits any courses or classes which advocate ethnic solidarity instead of treatment of pupils as individuals, are designated primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic group, or promote the overthrow of the U.S. government or resentment toward a race.

“(Arizona) is targeting a specific group,” said Rudy Acuña, Chicana/o studies professor at CSUN. “The last time they targeted a specific group was with the Japanese-Americans when they put them in internment camps.”
As a result of this law, 11 TUSD Mexican-American studies teachers and two TUSD students have filed a lawsuit against Superintendent Tom Horne and the State Board of Education. The lawsuit contends that HB 2281 violates the teachers’ and students’ constitutional rights.

“Arizona is becoming the center of madness, in terms of Latino hate,” said Gerard Meraz, Chicana/o studies professor at CSUN. “We started taking students over there to see that experience. We try to educate our students about how they have to organize in those conditions.”

This is the third trip students have made to Arizona in the last two years. The first trip was to support then-congressional democratic candidate, Raul Grijalva. The second trip informed students of the recent enacted HB 2281 and the Senate Bill 1070, which worked to discourage and deter the unlawful entry and presence of aliens and economic activity by persons unlawfully present in the U.S.

Students were able to tour Tucson as well as the Arizona/Mexico border town, Nogales, with several of the TUSD litigants.

“It was an odd feeling being so close to something that has sparked so many debates,” said Daniel Mulato, 22, a senior double majoring in psychology and Chicana/o studies, about the Nogales border.
“It really hit me when I saw a baby shoe left right at the border. This could be someone’s little sister’s shoe,” he said.

A few minutes after standing at the border, the group of students were approached by border patrol and questioned about being there, Mulato said.

Students were also taken to a book depository, which now holds a variety of books related to Mexican-American Studies which were also found to be in violation of HB 2281.

According to a recent article in Tucson Citizen, some of the banned books include, “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” by Paulo Freire, “Rethinking Columbus: The Next 500 Years” by B. Bigelow and B. Peterson, Howard Zinn’s “Declarations of

Independence: Cross-Examining American Ideology” and Rudy Acuña’s “Occupied America: A History of Chicanos.”

The trip will contribute to a documentary in the making about the fight for ethnic studies. Gabriel Buelna, a Chicana/o studies professor at CSUN and executive producer of the documentary, sponsored the trip.

“Chicana/o studies and ethnic studies is to provide another way of looking at the planet or situation,” Meraz said. “We can’t just look at the world from one point of view. That’s very narrow and incorrect, factually and contextually.”


  1. USAmerican100 Jun 1, 2012

    So I am correct, that movie confirms the class purpose is to teach revolutionaries, who will help the Globalist Bilderbergers (meeting right now in Virginia) to eliminate the USA and our liberties in favor of the North American Union and later One World Government.  Of course the students have been led to believe they are instead working to establish “Aztlan” or some similar nonsense.  Do you know the concept of Aztlan has been promoted by the Ford Foundation, whose President Luis Ubinas is a member of the Bilderbergers US arm, the Council on Foreign relations?  Why would the Globalist Bilderbergers be promoting Aztlan?  I think you are the one who needs to broaden their mind, google all those names I list above.  At least while you can, Google CEO Eric Schmidt is a Bilderberg member, and they have already removed Bilderberg expose videos from You Tube. 

  2. USAmerican100 Mar 15, 2012

    Check again, and tell me when was tobacco illegal in England?

  3. USAmerican100 Mar 15, 2012

    American Patriot Terry Anderson (RIP) came up with the “Tan Klan” term 

  4. USAmerican100 Mar 15, 2012

    You can donate to immigrant rights foundation.org, it is tax deductable.  $500 should cover it. 

  5. USAmerican100 Mar 15, 2012

    Did you notice those reservations are in the USA and not in Mongolia?  American Indians are still in the USA, not booted out back to Monglolia.

    1. ClaimChecker Mar 19, 2012

      What kind of reply is that?  Focus, USAmerican100.  Focus. 

  6. it’s not the students that are mainly to blame. It’s the corrupt, communist, leftist school system, and the worthelss, anti-American and cowardly people that run them.Taxi Service


  7. USAmerican100 Mar 8, 2012

    100% of the Japanese American citizens on Niihau Island turned traitor and assisted a downed Japanese pilot.  Right after Pearl Harbor Japanese ships were patrolling and shelling the US west coast, and if Japan had won the Midway battle as they should have, the US west coast would have been their next invasion stop. 

    1. ClaimChecker Mar 12, 2012

      USAmerican100, please take a breath and read more carefully.  The question was relating to the 100,000+ interred Japanese AMERICAN citizens.  There were a handful of shellings of the West Coast, including the orchard in Santa Barbara and the sinking of a vessel of the coast of San Luis Obispo.  The Japanese could not maintain constant attacks without a stopping point between its mainland and ours.  These attacks were few. 

      The question I directed to you was regarding the traitorous “spies” found amongst the interred citizens in the camps.  Switching topics doesn’t answer the question, does it?

      Again, slowly, how many spies were found in the internment camps?  Camps, not islands, not in Japan, in the U.S. mainland based internment camps.

      Just askin’.  Have you an honest answer?

      Take your time.  Watch your blood pressure.  Think about it.

      We’ll wait patiently.  Try for an honest reply.  Oh, and remember this thread was focused on the students visiting Arizona, students who are free to do so, unless you had your way and wish to sacrifice and restrict travel by those whom YOU consider traitors.

      Carry on.



      1. USAmerican100 Mar 15, 2012

        Illegal aliens students are not free to go anywhere in the USA.  Freedom of movement only applies to non-convicted American citizens. 

        1. ClaimChecker Mar 19, 2012

          Saying you don’t understand what’s being asked of you is okay, USAmerican100.  It makes your replies less ridiculous.

  8. Bobby Feb 29, 2012

    “Chicano studies is another way of looking at the planet” Meraz, said. Oh, I thought it was another way of looking at the U.S.

    Perhaps that’s the problem, the defintion of “Chicano Studies”, as being another way of “looking at the planet”. Now if they changed the name to Planetary studies, and moved into the “Astronomy” building, they could continue those classes. Time to get the legal department at LULAC. Changing names can do wonders. You know, communist East Germany becomes, walla!!, The Democratic Republic of Germany, or communist Hungary, becomes, The peoples Republic of Hungary. Acuna, Meraz, and company can’t be that bright.

  9. Bobby Feb 29, 2012

    Stupid communist leftist Rudy Acuna, thinks that Mexicans are going into camps because some school classes are getting nixed. This alone showcases his idiocy. But racist La Raza types always and forever talk that kind of bullshit.

  10. Bobby Feb 29, 2012

    Taking kids to support Raul, (“lets boycott Arizona’s small businesses OUT OF BUSINESS, because I don’t agree with SB1070,”Grijalva, is kind of misguided. Raul Grijalva in nothing but a clown working for Mexico’s interests, and not Arizona’s.

    1. ClaimChecker Mar 15, 2012


      Don’t be afraid of punctuation.  These little marks are your friends.  Don’t type angry.  Give that index finger a rest occasionally.

  11. Bobby Feb 29, 2012

    What’s a CSUN student? What does CSUN stand for?

    1. USAmerican100 Feb 29, 2012

      California State University Northridge.  A California University of course, the most treasonous outfit on the plant. My niece attended there and related how racist and anti-American the Chicano studies department was. 

      1. Bobby Feb 29, 2012

        Northridge non the less. I can see whats happened to that place. I have lived in California my whole life and agree with you completely. I remember when the racist David Duke, was going to speak at Northridge in the 1980’s and I also remember how the Chicano Studies department and the school eliminated his “lecture”. Interesting isn’t it , the hypocrisy of it all.

  12. I thought it was much too dangerous for Latinos to travel to Arizona because they’d surely be rounded up by Arizona cops.  These brave CSUN students really put themselves at great personal risk to bring attention to their message.

  13. markday Feb 29, 2012

    Naivists always talk in extremes.  Your comment abut California and Mexico is
    too ignorant for a response.  the story here is about book banning in Arizona.

    1. USAmerican100 Feb 29, 2012

      Except the books weren’t banned, they are still available in the school libraries.  Where almost no one is checking them out.  

      And since 98% of the world’s population are “nativists”, I guess I am in good company. 

    2. Bobby Feb 29, 2012

      Nativist=American citizens. Illegal aliens=Mexican citizens. MAS classes=fifth columnist activity by Mexican Nationalists at heart. A Mexican view of history, but the problem is this is the U.S. and not Mexico. “Nativists” is a racist term used to denigrate the various European-American peoples.

  14. markday Feb 28, 2012

    I am very happy that the nativists haven’t taken over this
    comment site and that their ignorant remarks are being
    countered by people like Mario the Marine.  Hate talk
    should never be ignored, but engaged with a forceful,
    yet respectful regard for the truth.  this is a great

    1. USAmerican100 Feb 28, 2012

      Tell me truthfully, do you think California rightfully should be part of the USA or of Mexico?

      1. Mara Feb 29, 2012

        Truthfully speaking, I think you belong to Mexico.

        1. Bobby Feb 29, 2012

          We do now, I’ll agree with that alright. In California, osrry, I mean Mexico El Norte, Los Angeles county, the police Chief El Beck, and the Sheriff, El Hefe Lee Baca, have decided all on their own that the illegal population are now entitled to American drivers licenses, scratch that, I mean Mexican drivers licenses, because this being Mexico, they aren’t illegal at all. So what am I, and American, bitching about, I’m living in a foreign country. But that also means I’m not a nativist. Welcome to the post reconquista era. I was wondering why there’s all the signs in Spanish everywhere.

          1. USAmerican100 Feb 29, 2012

            Look at the bright side, you can start paying your tax bill in Pesos, since you can get 10 of them for a dollar that’s a 90% savings!  I just wonder how these CSUN professors/traitors will feel about a 90% pay cut?  They should be all for it since they support the takeover by Mexico, right?

          2. Bobby Feb 29, 2012

            It’s too sickening to really discuss. It’s nothing less than anarchy and why Beck and Baca haven’t been literally ousted from their jobs, is incomprehensible. We are talking about the so-called “authorities” here.

          3. USAmerican100 Feb 29, 2012

            They haven’t been ousted because Mexicans run the place now, so that is who they are working for.  Aztlan is being created and the traitors in DC support it!

          4. ClaimChecker Mar 15, 2012

            “Paranoia”  –  Definition

            Paranoia is an unfounded or exaggerated distrust of others, sometimes reaching delusional proportions. Paranoid individuals constantly suspect the motives of those around them, and believe that certain individuals, or people in general, are “out to get them.”
            Source:  http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/paranoia

            Good luck to ya, USAmerican100!  There are some great meds in use now!  Maybe you and Bobby can share.  (Are you two related, or in an intimate relationship?) 

            P.S.  Never share medications without proper prescriptions.  Weak ideas, clearly, are another matter…

          5. USAmerican100 Mar 15, 2012

            Not being willfully ignorant like you doesn’t make me paranoid. 

          6. ClaimChecker Mar 19, 2012

            Oh, name calling again.  Tsk, tsk.  Pathetic.

    2. Bobby Feb 29, 2012

      Nativist is a racist term, used by Mexican power groups, to denigrate the various and diverse European-American population, that founded the modern U.S. It is hate speech, period!!

  15. Whatever Feb 28, 2012

    We as Americans need Chicano Studies.  Not just Mexican Americans.  The history of America did not start with the landing of english colonists or spanish colonists.  Many native people lived here.  The US did take advantage of the Mexico and take their land the Southwest of the US.  It happened just as the US made itself independent from England.  Why does the truth about this bother people?  We have asked the Japanese to be more truthful in their history about what they did in WWII but we do not want to be truthful about our history?  We do not want to talk about anything bad the US did?  Maybe if we did talk about our history, we would not get into the wars we are getting into now.  Our politician love to lie to us.  Learn history and you will not repeat the mistakes of the past.

    1. USAmerican100 Feb 28, 2012

      That’s not how Native Americans see it, they saw the Mexican-American War as a war against them, and they are right.  It really wasn’t against Mexicans, since only a couple thousand lived here at the time.

    2. Bobby Feb 29, 2012

      Escusa me, as Dean Martin used to say Amigo, the U.S. didn’t take anything from Mexico. The story goes like this. Mexico took Chief Geronimo’s land, killed his wife and kids, and claimed it belonged to them. Then the U.S. gave Narco State, about 15 million for Arizona, at a time bread and a beer cost 5centavos. Now, that’s the Americano Studies class you should read about. Mexico, by the way, is South——-> keep going, until you come to the sign that says Mexico, then go about another 150 miles, then stop. 

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  17. markday Feb 28, 2012

    Wow, what an explosion of ignorance from the nativist yahoos.
    can you imagine what kind of comments there would be
    if there were no Chicano studies at CSUSM?  Thank you,
    Rudy Acuna y companeros(as)!

    1. USAmerican100 Feb 28, 2012

      Correction, American patriots who built this country for us and our posterity.  If not for us it would be like in 1830, so undeveloped most Mexicans would not want to move here. 

      And Einstein, if there was no Chicano studies, there would be no article and thus no comments.

    2. Bobby Feb 29, 2012

      Nativist is a racist term, used by the communist left, and Chicano studies professors, to denigrate the various and diverse Americans of European origin, Amigo. Don’t be such a racist Mexican nativist.

  18. Hchsc003 Feb 28, 2012

    Boy, this is why we need critical thinking. They know nothing about U.S. history. Plz read.

    1. USAmerican100 Feb 28, 2012

      Nor do they have any understanding of the rule of law and sovereign states. 

      1. Michelangelo_L Feb 28, 2012

        And you do? You’ve never apparently read the Bill of Rights at minimum..

        1. USAmerican100 Feb 28, 2012

          Then tell me what Amendment gives foreigners the unrestricted right to immigrate to the USA?  You are correct I have never read that one.

          1. Dingobry Feb 29, 2012

            Then who in the right mind gave the whites the right to boot out the Indians who were here first?

          2. USAmerican100 Feb 29, 2012

            The Indians weren’t “booted out”, there are still nearly as many in the USA as when the Mayflower landed.  Which you cannot say about the Solutreans who were here first before the Indians showed up.

          3. Bobby Feb 29, 2012

            The same right Mexico had, when they brutally killed the Indians of the Southwest. Bingo!!

          4. Michelangelo_L Feb 29, 2012

            What sense of justice allows the government to put people into jail without a trial? 

      2. Bobby Feb 29, 2012

        Except for Mexico. They believe in the rule of law when they are vacationing in Mexico, or visiting the relatives. They  have to, because unlike leftist controled U.S. they’d be rotting in a mexican jail if they didn’t.

    2. Bobby Feb 29, 2012

      No, this is why we need border control.

  19. June39 Feb 28, 2012

    I’m sure Hispanic students can get all the “ethnic” studies they want in Mexico. This is laughable. The anti-American, pro-illegal groups with their marching, demanding and flag waving need to be told to leave the country if they can’t go along with the rules and laws. Of course, those from south of the border come from lawless places and want the same surroundings established here. Traitors used to be dealt with severely in this country. Need to reestablish that punishment. We don’t hear this whining from Italian students, nor French, German, Polish, Greek, Japanese, etc. Those people are now Americans. The ones protesting will never be true Americans, just complaining racists who think they’re the only “ethnic” group in this nation.

    1. Pamela Feb 28, 2012

       Why, oh why, do American parents continue to send their children to these Anti-American hating liberal colleges? Americans, these protests are being led by radical adult teachers and professors. People, we trust to prepare our children for a career, not to be brainwashed by Anti-American bigoted traitors. The quickest way to stop this kind of thing, is to keep your kids, out of all liberal colleges. It is up to us.

      1. Bobby Feb 29, 2012

        Good point Pamela. Americans are losing there nation, their language, and their culture, and the republi-CON and democ-RAT Parties are so useless in stopping it it’s laughable. In fact, they are facilitating it. Why are there signs in Spanish every place in the U.S.?

        1. Happy Mexican American Feb 29, 2012

          Well there were signs in Spanish in California since before there were signs in English.  In fact, almost every major town’s name is in Spanish.  I think it is great that we have signs in Spanish even though the spelling and grammar is wrong sometimes. 

          1. USAmerican100 Feb 29, 2012

            Yes, a few dozen signs in Spanish, which disappeared after millions of English speaking Americans moved here.  You think it’s great Spanish signs are back because you are a traitor.  Did you learn in MAS what happened to the San Patricio Brigade traitors?

          2. ClaimChecker Mar 8, 2012


            You write “a few dozen signs in Spanish, which disappeared after millions of English speaking Americans moved here.” 

            Because you failed to include a noun or pronoun in your fragmented sentence stucture and thought process, it is unclear whom you refer to by the “millions of English speaking Americans.”  This antecedent is important, as your “millions” can refer to at least two groups.  Additionally, your use of “here” remains unclear.  Specifically, are you referring to non-Californians moving to California, or foreigners moving the American from other lands? 

            It’s an important distinction, USAmerican100, as many non-American foreigners did not have a full grasp on “English” when they arrived.  Sadly, few native Americans (hold off Bobby, I mean people like you who were born here and have legal citizenship status) scarcely speak standard American English themselves.  (Let’s not even bring the concept of “spelling” into the mix.)

            Just askin’.

            Have a nice, American day!  And be sure to check your claims and logic before posting.  Unintended laughter, is not, I’m certain, your intent.

            Tener un día maravilloso!



  20. USAmerican100 Feb 28, 2012

    Yes, Arizona IS targeting a specific group, anti-American racist traitors and invaders like these CSUN students.  So of course these traitors and invaders oppose it. 

    PS Idiots, Arizona did not target Japanese-Americans, the federal government and DEMOCRAT President Roosevelt did.

    1. Mario the Marine Feb 28, 2012

      Arizona is being hood winked by this pile of manure you idiots are spewing out.  But the result will be the same as it was in California.  Chicano studies will return eventually.  It will be a bigger program.  Republicans will never again get the support from the Latino community because they are the party of the racists.  The Latino vote get be so strong that these racists laws will never again have a chance to pass.  Right now Latinos in Arizona are getting registering to vote and the legal residents are applying to become naturalized citizens and they will vote.  This republican tactic will work in the short run but in the long run the republicans will lose big.

      1. USAmerican100 Feb 28, 2012

        You mean Americans will lose big if it actually happens that way, like they have in California.

        Why don’t you consider La Raza Cosmica (the Cosmic Race), MECHA (for the race everything, for those outside the race nothing), and the Brown Berets to be racists or brown supremacists?

        1. Whatever Feb 29, 2012

          I mean the KKK like you will lose.

          1. USAmerican100 Feb 29, 2012

            Hmm that’s odd, my Chinese wife and daughter, Mexican and black American employees, Native American friends don’t think I am KKK, why do you?  Maybe because you are the racist, so you think everyone is?  Are you a Tan Klan member?  Or maybe just because you are losing the argument, that is so predictable.  

          2. Happy Mexican American Feb 29, 2012

            If you act, talk, and write like KKK, then you are KKK.  You may have a white hood on or you may not but you are still KKK.  America was never only white and it never will be.  Even in Europe where the whites come from is not all white anymore.  Even south Africa that had apartheid is no longer as it was.  Every person is an individual.  A white person could stab you in the back and rob you tomorrow.  You are a racist. Racism is ignorant and so are you.

          3. USAmerican100 Feb 29, 2012

            Screw you idiot traitor, being a patriot is not racist, and guess what, I am not “all white”, I am 1/16th Native American.  I never said anything like what the Democrat founded KKK says. If anything you are the racist, against non-Latinos.

          4. VladLenin Mar 6, 2012

            The KKK is/was an off-shoot of the Democratic Party, founded with the establishment of the Republican “anti-slavery” Party.

      2. Bobby Feb 29, 2012

        Republicans won’t matter to former Republicans either. Not because those people will believe in communist, leftist, democrat party, but because they will start a new party based on America’s culture, and laws. Latino’s(Mexicans) that don’t like it, won’t make a damn bit of difference.

        1. Red May 31, 2012

          “Latinos” encompass all of Latin America (i.e. Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru). “Hispanics” encompass all of Central America and the Caribbean Islands (i.e. MEXICO, Haiti, and Puerto Rico). I would suggest you study a map before you make faulty accusations.

      3. Bobby Feb 29, 2012

        The Democrats are the party of the racists. In Los Angeles, the Mayor, Alcalde, Antonio Vilaraigosa, a.k.a. Tony Vilar, is a racist Mexican nationalist, who’s every thought is concerned with foreign nationals from Mexico, illegally in the State of California, and the U.S. So what does the Democrat Party of racists do? They stick him in the faces of American citizens, and make him the leader of the Democrat election committte. He doesn’t speak for American citizens. He was a bullshit acitivist at UCLA, when he was a “student”, and troublemaker, never really bothering much with his studies. As the demographics changed, other racists like Gloria Molina, who has said too many racist things against American citrizens to even repeat here, set Tony Vilar up in a cushy govenrment job, and then they took it from there. Now American citizens are stuck with this boob and four time bar exam failure as Mayor of a major U.S. city. Interesting when one thinks of all of the really intelligent Mexican-Americans, that believe in U.S. law and could have been mayor. The anti-American elite planned all of this, because obviously Molina and Vilar are too stupid to have gotten as far as they did.

      4. VladLenin Mar 6, 2012

        The Republican was formed as the “anti-slavery” party.
        The KKK was spawned as an off-shoot of the Democratic Party.

        Latino’s, like Blacks are being sold a bill of goods, and will end up “enslaved” to the benevolence of the state. Your ancestors, and maybe even your parents WORKED to make a better lives for themselves. You maintain a sense of “entitlement”, and want to get “in line” for your’s.

        Remember while you’re in line, that Massa(Heffa?) wishes to thank you for your vote.


    2. Bobby Feb 29, 2012

      Remember, it’s not the students that are mainly to blame. It’s the corrupt, communist, leftist school system, and the worthelss, anti-American and cowardly people that run them.

    3. Red May 31, 2012

      You should watch “Precious Knowledge.” Maybe that’ll shut you and your narrow-minded mouth up.

  21. Ali Alexander Feb 28, 2012

    By the way, the attitude of these students is darn good proof that we were right to intern Japanese (and Germans and Italians, but no one talks about THAT).  Or are we supposed to provide taxpayer-funded classes for enemies of this country to indoctrinate their children in how to overthrow us?

    1. Michelangelo_L Feb 28, 2012

      You’re joking right? Infringing on the rights of any ethnicity by putting them into internment camps could never possibly be ‘right’. I’m all the tax payers, but there is seriously something wrong in your proposal.

      1. USAmerican100 Feb 28, 2012

        So you would have preferred surrendering in 1942 to the Germans and Japanese?  The US was losing the war pretty badly at that time, it was a possibility.

        Also the Supreme Court upheld the internment as being Constitutional.  Are you a higher authority than them?

        1. Michelangelo_L Feb 28, 2012

          The Supreme Court doesn’t have a monopoly in declaring whether a law is constitutional or not. That is a power shared by the executive branch, the legislature, the states, and most importantly the people. So yes – I am, along with the rest of the American people, an authority just as high as the US Supreme Court. Go read a bit of basic nullification theory one of these days when you’re not calling to imprison law abiding Americans. 

          If the constitution authorizes entire people to be hoarded like animals into internment camps then I have no interest in it. If these individual people were guilty of crimes, then sure I’m for putting them in jail. However they were put in simply because of their descent.
          And what sort of false choice is this? There was never any credible threat to the US. 

          The Germans had no military apparatus to invade the United States. Neither did it have any interest to do so. Hitler wanted a European empire for the Germans. He criticized former German leaders for ambitions in Africa and the orient. The man didn’t even really want to fight the british. He would have been more than content with peace with the western powers. His, and the Nazi regime’s, interests laid in reclaiming what was perceived to be german land; namely in eastern europe. 

          Japan did not want to occupy the united states either, not could it. Its military was prepared for island warfare, and at best mainland movements in China. It didn’t have the expertise to handle a serious campaign in the american continent. Most of the war in the pacific had the Japanese in a defense position as the US pushed closer towards the home islands of Japan.

          Anyone with a basic grasp of military knowledge should know this. 

          What were we even doing in World War 2? We had no interest in a European affair. Neither did we have any real interest in an Asian affair. The conflict was FDR’s doing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for going to war when needed, but this wasn’t the case. 

          Some like to claim that we entered the war to defend the Jews, but that’s a blatant lie. If that were true they would have been allowed entrance into the United States instead of being turned away. The true extent of the holocaust was not something the American public knew about till the very last stages of the war, and a moot point in justifying declaring war.

          You know what the real American action during the war would have been? To defend the rights of all Americans, be they of Japanese, German, or other descent. To refuse to fight a war orchestrated by FDR and his croonies for their political ends. To have stood by the jewish people by having let them seek refuge here when there was still time. 

          An american fights for the freedom of himself and his fellow citizens.   

          1. USAmerican100 Feb 28, 2012

            Is this the distorted version of government and history they teach now?  How sad, it will end the American Republic and liberty worldwide. 

            PS. Intruding foreign criminals are not American citizens.

          2. Michelangelo_L Feb 29, 2012

            Hah. As if liberals would ever teach nullification theory. Are you sure you haven’t mis-filed your political affiliation? Your support for that democrat’s war (FDR’s) and your disregard for constitutional restraints makes you sound like a liberal yourself. 

        2. ClaimChecker Mar 8, 2012

          USAmerican100, you’re attempting to force the fallacy known as “false dilemma” to refute a claim.  Additionally, you’re implying someone claimed “higher authority” than the Supreme Court.

          Please clean up your arguments and thought process, or take a critical reasoning course to improve your claims.



      2. Whatever Feb 29, 2012

        I strongly disagree with the japanese american internment.  You are confused and I may have put my comment in the wrong place.

      3. Bobby Feb 29, 2012

        Your’e quite naive. You need to read the history of nations, in war time, and you will see that things far worse than putting people into camps went on. The U.S. is not special in that way. War is a serious business, which is why it should be rejected as leading people into evil, all people.

    2. Mario the Marine Feb 28, 2012

      What is an enemy of the country?  Spent 3 years in the US Marines then took Chicanos studies classes in College and graduated in Computer Science and now run my own business.  Chicano Studies may tell our history in a more accurate manner, but that is not a crime.  What drugs are you on to make such an ignorant statement?  So how many Chicano studies students and professors have been arrested for overthrowing the country? I can answer that for you, NONE.  I cannot believe how stupid some people are and how some other people are so stupid that they believe this pile of manure.

      1. Bobby Feb 29, 2012

        Anyone can read about Chicano Studies in books in the library and many independent book stores. That’s not the point. The point is, those MAS classes were being used as a political platform, that was anti-American and anti-Americans citizens, with a special racist slant against so-called white people, who happen to be as diverse as any other race of people.

        1. Happy Mexican American Feb 29, 2012

          That is a lie.  If you repeat a lie enough, ignorant people will believe it.  The classes in Arizona were audited and found to be nothing like what you claim but that did not stop them from dismantling the classes.  Racists do not want the truth.  They want to lie and claim things that are not true.  There is no proof of anything anti-American.  What is anti-american?  If I do not like the fact that the native Americans were killed by our country’s Army and I teach about that in school, is that anti-american? Of course not because it is the truth.

          1. USAmerican100 Feb 29, 2012

            Supporting mass illegal immigration from Mexico, supporting foreign career criminals, working for the benefit of Mexico, that is anti-American and treason.  So is teaching La Raza racial supremacy.

          2. ClaimChecker Mar 8, 2012

            Please provide a reliable source and law listing “La Raza racial supremacy” as being a treasonous offense.

            Waiting patiently, as always, for your thoughtful response.

    3. Bobby Feb 29, 2012

      So why are we too chicken shit to deal with a threat, literally on the border the same way? The Germans, Italians, and Japanese, didn’t already have signs, voting ballets, and racist programming on the radio in their own language. Something is terribly wrong, isn’t it?

      1. USAmerican100 Feb 29, 2012

        Arizona is not chicken, I am thinking about moving there to help them out.

  22. Ali Alexander Feb 28, 2012

    advocate ethnic solidarity instead of treatment of pupils as
    individuals, are designated primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic
    group, or promote the overthrow of the U.S. government or resentment
    toward a race.
    “(Arizona) is targeting a specific group,” said Rudy Acuña, Chicana/o
    studies professor at CSUN. “The last time they targeted a specific
    group was with the Japanese-Americans when they put them in internment
    —————This kid does know that the US was TARGETED literally by the Japanese when they attacked Pearl Harbor?  Now, let him ask himself–how would he feel if non Hispanic White kids had classes limited only to them? 

    1. Anon Feb 28, 2012

      If you knew a little more about American history, you’d know the United States was expecting the attack and even then they went ahead to put the Japanese in camps. Now, these students are fighting for classes that offer different perspectives of American history not just the washed away and cleaned version, which seems to be the only one you’ve heard.

      1. USAmerican100 Feb 28, 2012

        The Japanese did not just attack one time at Pearl Harbor, they kept attacking for four years all around the Pacific, including shelling shore installations at Santa Barbara and other west coast spots, and sinking US ships within sight of the California coast.  Those efforts were aided by Japanese American spies in California.  See that’s the problem with these classes, you are not learning important aspects of American history, instead you are learning hate and resentment of white Americans. 

        1. Bobby Feb 29, 2012

          It doen’st matter, and isn’t relevent to the traitorous crap going on with admitted communist clowns like those ‘ethnic studies “teachers”.

      2. Bobby Feb 29, 2012

        NO, the United States was not “expecting the attack”, if by the United States, you mean the citizens, the regular guy and gal. Now if your’e preaching about the tyranny of the elite, that’s another story. What else is new. In fact, it is the elite we are fighting in Arizona, with the ethnic stuides classes. Who do you think encourages them? Haven’t you heard that it’s the administration that is suing Arizona? Don’t you get it?

    2. Mario the Marine Feb 28, 2012

      The US was the target of a Japanese attack.  Not a Japanese-American attack.

      1. USAmerican100 Feb 28, 2012

        Japanese Americans assisted Japan in the Pearl Harbor and later attacks:



        1. Michelangelo_L Feb 29, 2012

          No you. /Individuals/ commit crimes. Not Japanese Americans. Not Irish Americans. Not Italian Americans. /Individuals/ act, not racial groups. For an alleged american your mind is stuck in quite the collectivist mode. 

    3. Bobby Feb 29, 2012

      That’s funny, because “professors” like Acuna, target specific groups, mainly American citizens. Clowns like Acuna, Gutierrez in Texas, and so many others fifth columnists in American schools, are lucky. They would have been arrested, and given long jail sentences in most nations, or at the minimum had their asses fired from those positions of influence on young minds. It sickens one to think of them, walking around those campuses, built by the sweat of Americans, and arrogantly, preaching against the nation and people that pay their bloated salaries and pensions. To put it in short form, PISS ON THEM.

      1. ClaimChecker Mar 6, 2012

        Great strategy, Bobby. 

        That’s a misdemeanor, I believe.

        Wash your hands!

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