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Reconsider the Greek life


-Lauren Cohen, 20, is a CSUN communication studies major and adolescent development minor.

The CSUN Greek system has been greatly flawed for years. It has not only caused controversy among the news, but also started disputes among one another as members of a Greek organization.

CSUN hazing incidents resulting in the surrender of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity’s chapter, and the ongoing hazing thereafter, resulting suspensions of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity and Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, are the primary events that were looked at by viewers.

What has been greatly neglected are the flaws in the Greek community that the university attempts to steer away from disbanding after all that has occurred.

Through my own first hand experience after a few years as a part of the Greek community before leaving in fall 2015, I’ve witnessed that many issues of the Greek system are swept under the rug. They are ongoing problems only members talk about within themselves.

Hazing has been an issue in the CSUN Greek community, but consider this – if a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

If nothing hit the news this year about hazing in the CSUN Greek community, does that mean everyone miraculously stopped?

According to national statistics from Inside Hazing, “nine out of 10 students who have experienced hazing in college do not consider themselves to have been hazed.”

The more we continue to turn a blind eye to the matter, the more things will continue to erupt over time.

Members of the Greek community are subjected to a great deal of criticism from those both outside and inside their community. For a brotherhood or sisterhood, that isn’t brotherly or sisterly at all.

To be fined for being unable to attend events, or in the case of girls in sororities, being sent home for not looking what they would define as, on point, and fined a dollar for every minute you’re gone to redo your hair, makeup and nails, is accepted by these members. No one seems to question whether that is deemed as hazing or not.

If students are punished with fines on top of the ridiculous amount of dues payed because you don’t look the way they want you to look – that should be classified as hazing.

Alumnae of sororities are notorious for not keeping out of a collegiate member’s business. If they are informed of something other members do not like about her, that member is talked to and in many cases, they’re spoken to in a harsh manner.

I do not believe in conformity. I believe in diversity.

For any organization or its alumni to tell a member who to befriend, which organizations to like and to pretend to like, how to look, dress, act and what you can or can’t post online, can not only serve as a form of hazing, but also an example of hypocrisy and fakeness.

To say your organization is based off of diversity is ludicrous if members must conform to your standards.

To get messaged every time I chose to post something controversial on my public pages to take down what I post or change my language essentially also stripped me of my first amendment right to state my opinions.

I don’t recall signing away any of my rights when I accepted a bid of membership three years ago, so to attempt to strip your members of that is wrong. For members to accept this as a reality in order to be accepted into the organization is even worse.

Even after I left my organization, alumnae still continued to try to get me to change my language online, and didn’t stop until I told them I was out and that was final. But they shouldn’t have tried to change me in any way to begin with.

These organizations are about the images they put out in order to get new members every semester.

These social media images of sisterly and brotherly love are fake. They keep new members in the dark about it until they’re active and finally see the fakeness for themselves in order to keep their organizations running.

If they don’t like your image, they will make sure you’re aware of it. This is why I refer to them as boys and girls. They are childish and have a great deal of room to mature and realize their wrongdoings.

Had I not been diagnosed with medical issues that require many treatments, I would have been no different than every other member who complains about being there, but never leaves.

In the process of, “Going Greek,” I lost myself for a while. I was diagnosed with depression and generalized anxiety disorder and for what — to simply try and fit in.

Even when I left my organization for medical treatments, I continued to deal with girls from my organization telling me off saying I was, “never a true sister, just a b—-.”

The true question is, at what cost are you prepared to become accepted, and even then, will they accept you, or a false image of you?

I am here as a former CSUN Greek to tell you to please reconsider the decision to join one of these organizations.

You’re choosing to potentially join an organization that tries so hard to gain respect from the outside community when the reality is they can’t even respect each other, but rather choose to harm each other from a variety of different angles.

Hank Nuwer, author of “Wrongs of Passage” said, “hazing is an extraordinary activity that, when it occurs often enough, becomes perversely ordinary as those who engage in it grow desensitized to its inhumanity.”


  1. Anon Dec 4, 2015

    Also, she’s offended that they told her to look “on point”? She has a makeup channel, so shouldn’t she be looking on point to begin with? Ha

  2. Anon Dec 4, 2015

    I know I’m late, but I just want to add that the author of this would literally post everyday how much she “loved” her chapter and all of her sisters in it. Also she was a Rho gamma this last fall. Her job was to ENCOURAGE new girls to join….

  3. Michelle Dec 4, 2015

    This is the most disrespectful and poorly written article I’ve ever read… Greek life isn’t for everyone. But for some people it was the best decision they’ve made. It’s disappointing that she feels the need to disrespect all the people who have gained so much from being Greek.

  4. Frat Life Dec 3, 2015

    I heard about this post and decided to comment on it. That explains the reason for my account being made today. What is the exact definition for hazing? Google defines it as “the imposition of strenuous, often humiliating, tasks as part of a program of rigorous physical training and initiation” or “humiliating and sometimes dangerous initiation rituals, especially as imposed on college students seeking membership to a fraternity or sorority.” You claim that “Fines and dues and not being appropriately dressed and getting sent home is considered hazing but it seems like your trying to create your own definition for hazing. You being apart of this organization should obviously know where our dues go to, and if not, it’s for the upkeep of the fraternity/sorority. Being able to pay to hold events for philanthropies. And with the money made from these philanthropies, donating it to good causes, such as Children hospitals. I am In the Greek life but when I joined, I was expecting to be hazed. I WANTED to be hazed. Why? If you ask. I believe the reason for hazing is to bring you closer together as brothers and sisters. How? When coming in as a class, the older brothers/sisters haze you, and your class, comes closer, by trying to get out of it together instead of individually. It also creates memories that can only be shared within your class. I however, cannot talk much on this, since I haven’t been hazed, BUT, in your words, since I pay dues, apparently I am being “hazed”. It is also on the individual. If the individual believes they are getting hazed, is it not their action to stay in the organization or leave? Last time I checked America is a FREE country. That means EVERYONE has the right to make their own choices. If older members are making you get tattoos on your ass, it’s your choice whether to stay and get it or leave. You can’t blame fraternities and sororities for hazing. If anything, it’s the individuals fault for staying. If this was a topic on rape, that’d be a different story since you have no will. But it’s not. As along the lines of this. This is my opinion.

  5. rachel Dec 3, 2015

    I respect Lauren’s opinion to write this article, but as a women of a Greek organization learning rituals and deeper meanings within the letters she once proudly wore, I can’t say I can respect her as a person. No, the Greek system is not perfect but we have worked damn hard to fix our mistakes and learn how to be better for the CSUN community and ourselves.
    From my understanding Lauren is still an active member of Alpha Omicron Pi, refusing to drop because she still wants to wear her letters. If you hate the Greek system so much and feel it is so flawed, why would wearing any sort of letters be important? I would think she would not want anything to do with the organization that provided her with such a terrible experience, but it just goes to show how flawed her piece is.

  6. Dante Spears Dec 3, 2015

    Have you all been taking NyQuil? You all sound sleep AF. Are any of you even part of the Greek system on campus?!! Your all childish and ignorant for arguing with each other and offending the author. Call her a snow flake? What’s next, me posting then you calling me a monkey?! Better yet just call me a nigga! Your making an assumption she is white. Imma tell you right now I’m African American. I must been in a all black fraternity on campus. My last name is spears. Possibility I’m white. Shit must be a sigma chi. If you were in Greek life you would know the positive things it brings to ones individual life, the community with charities, and overall a good time in college. Do you all know we have weekly meetings which she was referring to with the dress code and that things are ran in a business like manner. I just can’t believe how you all sound. Yes there are negative things in the Greek system. Many positive things as well. This student has had a bad experience in which her sisters should of gave her more support. The hazing she is talki about isn’t the hazing we usually think about or see in movies. We’re not talking about people making you drink a gallon of Hennessy then making you run 3 miles along the beach. She is just talking about a disciplinary system so the house she represents doesn’t have a bad image of it. Your not going to take a family photo with a blunt in your mouth then ask your parents to put it as there screen saver at work. That’s how negative stereotypes start about a particular house. I’ve been in the Greek system for a year now and everything you do as an individual may it be good or bad, leaves an image on the house you represent and the letters everyone so proudly wears. This system isn’t for everyone. Just know it has a lot to offer for anyone. Not here to argue with anyone. Just stating my thoughts.

    1. anon but concerned Dec 3, 2015

      I agree, you gotta be fair about these things. Pros and Cons are in everything

  7. TheReddestCat Dec 3, 2015

    I knew this girl in high school, she is my year in fact! It’s good to see she is still a dumb bitch that doesn’t know when to shut her mouth and can’t write for shit. The reason people told her to quit shit posting is because that’s what it was. Her posts were always vapid and inflammatory remarks; I unfollowed her on Facebook because of this. I can’t think of any decent people that liked her. She always talked about herself, tried to make things about her, and was just generally unpleasant to be around. I avoided her at all costs. Good riddance am glad will never see her again :)

    1. Gabrielle N. Dec 3, 2015

      Yet you’re friends with her on Facebook. Do you feel big and strong calling someone a “dumb bitch”? If she’s so bad, why not defriend her? Why seek out an article when you no longer associate with her just call her a “dumb bitch”? I have a feeling you don’t know the writer and are one of the sorority-sisters-in-arms posting here.

      1. TheReddestCat Dec 3, 2015

        I graduated with her two years ago, that’s hardly any time at all. I attend a much better University and honestly couldn’t give less of a fuck about you or her problems lol. I still am friends with her on Facebook because I’ll occasionally need a pick me up and can look at how poorly things are going for her and feel better about myself LOL. Especially because all of her problems are self inflicted. This is the first time she’s been on my radar since high school tbh. I ain’t bullying I’m a guy I have no bias I’m not in a frat nor a sorority, I don’t even like the Greek system. I’m just saying this was a poorly written, inflammatory and biased article. It’s the honest to goodness truth Gabriel, she’s really not smart, and is a pain to be around. Ask any other person in her year to confirm and they will.

  8. Richard is a sexy man

  9. anon but concerned Dec 2, 2015

    Knowing who the author is, some of this is unfortunately untrue. Still, the opinion itself does have a point, even though a lot of exaggeration and inaccuracies exist in the article. I will say that, as someone who experienced time outside and inside the Greek system, either side has its pros and cons.
    Yeah, there’s been hazing, and it’s being taken care of. I’m fortunate enough to have gotten into a house where we do respect each other. If anything is said or done, we talk it out and resolve it like men.. But if you want to change the whole system for the better, simply be the example and help others follow suit. I’ve experienced a lot of support and love in Greek life, and I’m not the typical jock that wears Sperry’s and polos. I’m an art major and I’m in orgs that involve dancing and singing. I stick out like a sore thumb, but like I said, I have a great support net from some pretty cool dudes. When I wasn’t in Greek life, I also had a good time. I just felt like giving it a try.
    Guys, if you know the author and her opinion bothers you (trust me I was bothered too) respond with an appropriate rebuttal. That way you keep your credibility. Calling her or friends/sisters/associates names makes you look bad too, unfortunately.
    Lastly, bringing up Armando that way was uncalled for. As someone who grew up with him (like I said pros and cons) nobody needs to hear that. He’s actually a great example but like I said, the moment respect is lost in these discussions, nobody will listen.

  10. discipleofnero Dec 2, 2015

    The position of the writer makes no sense. Only in the academic world would garbage like this make it to any sort of publication.

    How is the writer is both an aggressor, attacking greek life with generalizations and bunk statistics, and a victim at the same time? She can sling all the shit she wants, with unfounded allegations and faked statistics, but the second that anyone else slings shit back she will cry foul play. This is no op-ed piece this is a shitty SJW tumblr narrative that she read on a blog and spilled it over into the CSUN newspaper because she wants to prove how harrowing her own experiences have been.

    She has obviously been allowed to cultivate this aggressive victimhood within the education system. In other parts of the world (real life, business, private schools, public schools in other countries, etc.) having a dress code is not systematic oppression, being held accountable to standards is a part of life. But this special snowflake just couldn’t be bothered to do what? Wear makeup and heels? Oh god I might get fined if I don’t show up to prior obligations!?
    Maybe she can get a march and a hashtag for her horrible ordeal of training to be a real working professional…

  11. Anon Dec 2, 2015

    Funny how everyone here probably commenting here is most likely greek, and trying to defend the reality of greek life by attacking Lauren personally, instead of what she wrote. There are MANY problems with the greek community. HAZING still happens whether you want to lie about it or not. I have witnessed it first hand and know students from other fraternities and sororities who have been hazed as well. These past years there was hazing in summer, fall AND spring semesters. Just like she said, just because you don’t hear about it doesn’t mean its not there. The fact that FINES, LOOKING ‘ON POINT’, AND JUDGMENT on literally EVERYTHING is ongoing is absolutely ridiculous. Especially the fines. Its ridiculous the amount that is paid by students and I don’t see where half of it goes. Frats and Sororities have to pay out of pocket for almost everything and I don’t think its worth what you get out unless its the “experience”. She may just be speaking about her own organization but if its happening there whats to show that it isn’t happening elsewhere??? Proof? There is plenty of proof everywhere! CSUN addresses it all the time and you know its there! **cough** CSUN DORMS incident?? **cough** Shall I give more?? I know a few people who have come to hate it and have left, and some who absolutely love it. Yes it is what you make of it and what you put it but sometimes its based on other factors, like the people who make up your organization. She may be trying to go alum but how exactly do you know that??? I’m guessing you’re part of her organization or her organization is talking crap for word to get out?? Wow way to make your organization and all greek members look bad. You just proved her point! If you treat her like that and you’re greek, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. Not only because its greek on greek hate but your bashing another human being for no reason except her opinion. Don’t like her? MOVE ON. Forced out? Seems like it when you talk about bashing her like that. And that doesn’t make greek life sound so good when members can just force you out just because they don’t like you. THEY recruited her, THEY should treat her better. She stated in the article she was had medical problems and depression and maybe after all she went through decided to leave?? I guess after 3 years she wanted to go alumna and I honestly don’t see a problem with it. Why do you? Its none of your business. I don’t see anything wrong with it. She put in money, time and commitment and just because she doesn’t want to be part of it at CSUN anymore doesn’t mean she doesn’t love the organization. Don’t dismiss what she says just because you don’t like or agree with it. And what people are saying about “just leave” an organization??? Yes like its that easy. I know someone from a sorority who told me they tried getting out for months because of really bad personal and financial problems that developed and they ignored her issues and she kept being charged month after month! They treated her like nothing. So much for “sisterly love” and helping each other. RIDICULOUS. That may just be one example but who knows?? I don’t know everyones life. I don’t know every single member but I do know a lot of them. The fact of the matter is, greek life is both good and bad. yes there are problems but the point is to FIX them. Fix them and make things better so we don’t have greek life being shut down and eventually every greek fraternity disbanded.

    1. Gabrielle N. Dec 2, 2015

      Wow! A voice of reason in a sea of entitled college kids. Well-done. I’m glad there was at least one here. This old woman applauds you.

      We can assume one of ten of you have a heart, understand that the world doesn’t revolve around corrupt Greek culture, and can actually say something without calling someone a “dumpster slut.”

      1. Anon Dec 2, 2015

        Exactly. Rude remarks toward the author and criticizing the opposing views does nothing when it comes to the greek system. It just makes the greek community look worse. Especially with all the negative things happening on campus involving hazing and assault. The commenters are handling this immaturely.

        1. ANON Dec 3, 2015

          Just like how Gabrielle and Lauren (who are probably the same person) criticizing a bunch of people they do not personally know, which makes them look bad. Although I do not condone certain comments, I agree with those who are want to set the facts straight. There are pieces to this article that does not make sense. Why must Gabrielle go off on Sarah J. when she found contradictions to this article? When people have questions, Gabrielle would bring in all these arguments that circles around the original post.

          1. Gabrielle N. Dec 3, 2015

            Really? Were specific names mentioned? Specific frats or sororities? Specific people or leaders? Who exactly was personally criticized? Was anyone else besides the author called a “dumpster slut”? Has anyone else besides the author been the talk of the Greek system, with people commenting on social media about her?

            The commentators here and on social media barely understand what libel or slander is — let alone what constitutes libel.

            Since Sarah J. didn’t have an original point except to say that the author claimed medical reasons (which the author wrote in her article) and left her sorority (yet did not actually “fully” leave, Sarah J. said), that commentator added nothing of value. She basically suggested she dislikes the author. Character assassination doesn’t defend against the charge of hazing. As for contradictions, please consider that another contributor here said the author was kicked out of her sorority. It’s the other commentators who appear to be going around circles and circulating rumors.

            Asking commentators questions (which no one responded to clearly) shouldn’t get you all so angry. All I’ve seen here is bullying directed at a former Greek who wrote about her experience, which hopefully she learned from. It’s doubtful she’s perfect, but it’s even more doubtful the Greek system is so wonderful and free from general criticisms. Haven’t you heard your own Dr. Dianne F. Harrison speak out against hazing incidents? Is she dumb, too, because you don’t like to hear that hazing happens? Why can’t we bring up the fact that there was a very real hazing death in the comments section of an article about hazing? Because you don’t like it? Oh please!

            If you want people to take you seriously, you should respond with an oped about why Greek life is so wonderful. Based on the level of argumentation here, it seems any rebuttal would be about why you hate the author rather than how you’ve curbed hazing, underage drinking, access to drugs, and so on.

            This article, again, was too vague to be truly interesting. I would have liked specific details with people coming forward (instead of staying in the shadows and being afraid to speak up). The comments here are telling. Such an ordinary article should not elicit this kind of visceral, idiotic reaction from a bunch of Greeks who feel good about themselves by calling someone a “slut” and saying that everyone hates her.

          2. Michelle Dec 4, 2015

            And yet you’re the one giving it the biggest reaction… Sounds pretty hypocritical to me

      2. Michelle Dec 4, 2015

        Hahaha you’re getting way to into this. You need to calm down

    2. ANON Dec 2, 2015

      If you actually knew the writer of the article, then you could see it from the “other side.”

      1. Anon Dec 2, 2015

        She stated what happened to her in the article, and yes I’ve heard rumors about her, and hell they may be true or not, but the point is that this is an opinion article. If you want to counter then by all means submit your opposing view to the sundial.

  12. Gabrielle N. Dec 2, 2015

    Ah. The truth comes out. Nice work calling a woman a slut. No wonder the Greek system sucks.

    1. Michelle Dec 4, 2015

      You need to grow up.

  13. Ashley H. Dec 2, 2015

    Wow you sound like the fakest bitch sorority slut lmao. Get a life, bitch. Go cry to your slutty sorority sisters. Boo f-cking hoo.

    1. ANON Dec 3, 2015

      Insinuating that all sorority women are sluts?

    2. Michelle Dec 4, 2015

      You sound like one talking like that…

  14. Fratter Dec 2, 2015

    Since this is the opinion section, you’ve invited criticism with your fallacious and horrendous claims. I unfortunately knew who the author is but only from the scary bedtime stories I heard as a kid. She’s literally the worst. She’s been banned from pretty much every fraternity and smells like vinegar and onions. Demeaning an entire community within CSUN because of your own insecurities is childish and a cry for attention. Surprised you took a break from eating farmers cattle to write this horrendous piece of OP ED.

    1. Gabrielle N. Dec 2, 2015

      It’s so bad, yet here you are wasting your time reading it and thinking about this girl.

      There’s something really vile about disrespect to women. Maybe the author has a point.

      1. rachel Dec 3, 2015

        As a member of the Greek community you can’t help but feel you must defend yourself and fellow organizations when someone who was once apart of it turns on you. We’re sick of the critiques and slanders. We are trying very hard to build ourselves up and obviously the university has taken notice to it.
        The author can have whatever opinion she wants but if you really want to know how it is, join an organization yourself.

        1. Gabrielle N. Dec 3, 2015

          Pay for fake friends? No thanks. Slander is spoken, not written. But I commend you for at least posting something without profanities or attacking the author personally. I don’t think anyone has been stopped from submitting a rebuttal (which hopefully will focus on hazing and the make a case for Greek life rather than call the author of this piece a “slut”).

          In the news this week:




          1. Fratter Dec 3, 2015

            Joining Greek life prepares you for aspects of life in which you may have to set your ego aside and do what is asked. You speak of the negatives of hazing because you refused to set your ego aside. You thought you were too good for it. In reality, you were disliked by your peers and rejected because of who you are. Your delusions of grandeur in which you are some great martyr that refused to conform to Greek life is such a cliche. If you are attempting to shine a light on hazing, don’t use your fallacious anecdotal claims.

            In lamen’s terms, you are psychotic and were banned from multiple fraternities as well as kicked out of your own sorority. You seem to be the common fucking denominator. You are are now trying to make yourself the victim by demeaning Greek life. I would normally feel bad for this type of treatment of a person but you brought it on yourself even before this article was written.

            P.S. Your attempt at gender victimization is laughable. You are a piece of trash. You would be the same piece of trash if you were a male.

          2. Gabrielle N. Dec 3, 2015

            I’ve never been in a sorority (thank God!). But thank you for your delusional explanation.

  15. David Dec 2, 2015

    I was very reluctant to post here but seeing this, I feel the need to say something, I’ll keep it short and sweet. It should be noted that I am not even in the greek system. I personally know the author and have seen the kinds of things she says on social media and I would not be surprised if this is all skewed or exaggerated. Just saying.

  16. Sarah J. Dec 2, 2015

    What IS factual is that the author has not even left her organization as she has claimed in the article. She is in fact trying to obtain early alumna status due to (overly exaggerated- which she has stated herself to a fellow member) “medical reasons.” She also was a Rho Gamma earlier THIS semester during recruitment (meaning she was a mentor and helped guide potential new members in choosing which sorority house they feel they would like to be apart of). Clearly, this entire article shows very little relevance to her actual experience in Greek life and contradicts factual evidence of her personal life since she is in fact STILL apart of the Greek community.

    1. Gabrielle N. Dec 2, 2015

      She said she left as a result of medical issues. Are you dismissing someone’s health issues because you don’t like the person? From my knowledge of sorority life, is it possible sue had to stay the time she did because of basic economics? Reputation? Bullying from people like you, perhaps?

      1. Sarah J. Dec 2, 2015

        My point to this entire thing that you keep on overlooking is that she never left. She is in fact still apart of the organization and trying to obtain honorary status of being an alumna. If the author hates it SO much, enough to even write an opinion-article about it, then why doesn’t she just leave the organization? Many other individuals have not had the greatest experiences with Greek life and have dropped because they have the free will to do so. No one is forcing her to leave, no one is forcing her to be apart of the organization she hates so much, yet, she won’t drop like others have. IT MAKES NO SENSE.

        1. Gabrielle N. Dec 2, 2015

          She says she left as a result of getting depressed. It says so in the article. What am I overlooking? One of your sisters-in-arms below just called her a “dumpster slut.” Are you people ladies and gentlemen? Or uncouth savages going around questioning someone’s health and calling her names?

          Frankly, the piece is boring and missing details that I’d have liked to know. My bet is the editor took a lot of stuff out. That you and others are up in arms over a pretty vague criticism of Greek life in general (no names … sadly) is actually quite hilarious now that I’m looking over your comments.

          Maybe she wanted to leave on good terms but you all kept talking about her, leading her to write this article. She said as much in her article.

          You clearly hate this girl. And I mean obsessively. Don’t you have finals to study for? There was a shooting in San Bernardino today. ISIS is destroying the world. But someone criticized Greek life and you’re going ballistic.

          1. Sarah J. Dec 2, 2015

            As are you. I see that you took the time to respond to literally every comment on here. You’re clearly just as obsessed.

          2. Gabrielle N. Dec 2, 2015

            I didn’t deny that this troubles me. You guys and gals here are pretending this girl is a stupid “dumpster slut” who doesn’t deserve to speak up. I find that outrageous, wrong, mean and petty.

            Stop hazing people. Idiots.

          3. Sarah J. Dec 2, 2015

            I never said anything about her being a “dumpster slut” nor do I condone that person calling her that.

            Stop generalizing. Idiot.

          4. Fratter Dec 2, 2015

            I personally don’t condone the dumpster slut usage either. Only because no person would willingly put their genitals near you. The dumpster part is accurate though.

          5. Gabrielle N. Dec 2, 2015

            Ah, attacking her with sexual comments. Nice work, frat boy! What a gentleman!

          6. Gabrielle N. Dec 2, 2015

            No offense is intended, but have you compared my writing to your comments, other comments, the author’s comments or any other article on this entire website? I’m truly thrilled you think I’m the author. Maybe I wrote your comments, too. ;-)

            Actually, I’m just fascinated and troubled by the warped culture that is the Greek system. I’m curious to see what else you all could possibly say that beats “dumpster slut” and “smells like vinegar.” I’ve already seen threads about the author’s medical state, her sexual preferences and so on.

            Call this a science experiment. You’re all behaving exactly how I predicted earlier today. It’s very interesting. But I wouldn’t expect someone with a dumpster mouth to understand that.

          7. Stop lying Gabrielle(Lauren.) We all know you’re not intelligent enough to conduct science experiments.

          8. Gabrielle N. Dec 3, 2015

            Gosh, you really are a moron with a vendetta. The idea that not everyone is here to hate on the author is somehow impossible for you to imagine.

            Perhaps you’re the leader of her sorority. For all we know, you may be one of those women who reach the age of 40 and never leave the college. I’ve seen these women in action. They’re certainly no Giselle Bundchen, but they still criticize other girls for being too heavy. Is it any wonder so many people leave sorority life?

          9. Michelle Dec 4, 2015

            Sarah is right. You’re clearly obsessed

    2. Ashley H. Dec 2, 2015

      Boo hoo your life is SO hard. It must be terrible getting a free ride from your daddy’s wallet to fund your sorority life. Quit trying to defend what everyone knows is wrong about Greek life. Greek life is literally NOTHING special.

  17. Matador Dec 2, 2015

    Frankly, the length this writer has gone to slander the entirety of the Greek system because of her determination to play victim is embarrassing. As one who knows the author personally, whose name has been dragged through the mud by the author’s childish need to spread lies and exaggerations, I can attest that the author’s words are not to be taken at face value.

    Consider that the author merely glossed over the truly awful events that have occurred within the Greek system in the past few years. She skimmed those parts to highlight why we should feel bad that she was told off for not brushing her hair or being told off for posting her ignorant opinions on her personal FB page. While I understand that it is your personal page, you should also understand that when you agree to represent something, be it an organization you’re a member of, product you endorse, or a company that employs you, it’s best to put your best foot forward at all times. Keep in mind that people often get fired from their jobs over things they post on their personal social media.

    The Greek system is certainly flawed, but the author’s situation and experiences while in it are unique and do not give voice to the many.

    1. Gabrielle N. Dec 2, 2015

      A correction to “Matador”: Slander is spoken while libel is written.

      However, opinion columns are not libel just because you disagree. The author didn’t seem to name names or sororities or fraternities, but spoke broadly. In fact, I wish she would have given detail, but she probably knows that could be grounds for trouble.

      You may not like OPINION columns. But that’s the beauty of free comment … it’s marked OPINION. I don’t know the student who wrote the op-ed or you, but I scrolled to the comments to see what other students think. Since you post anonymously and demonize the student who wrote the op-ed under HER OWN NAME rather than a pseudonym, the author’s grievances seem a lot more legitimate.

      As for her opinions on Facebook, how do we know her opinions are less valid (or “ignorant” according to you)? Are your opinions better? Says who? You?

      1. Michelle Dec 4, 2015

        And who says your opinion matters?

  18. Csun Student Dec 2, 2015

    So let’s see…

    1) No actual evidence that hazing is going on, just assumptions that people don’t change.
    2) Revelation that she “left her organization” for “medical reasons.”
    3) Former sisters say that “she was never a true sister, just a b—.”

    Likely situation:
    What we have here is likely a former Greek who didn’t leave, but was forced out, using the Sundial to attack the system that turned her away. She seems to now have decided to use hearsay and public opinion as evidence, rather than actual facts, to make her argument.

    To any Sundial people who read this, please don’t allow slander on this paper. There is no FACT here, just rumor, and the only thing that will happen is the reputation of students will be dragged through the mud.

    That being said, the Greek system isn’t blameless. The lack of an actual response to the family of Armando Villa from the Greek system is atrocious.

    But this isn’t how you address this. This is the upset rantings of a disgraced former Greek.

    1. Gabrielle N. Dec 2, 2015

      Sounds like the upset rantings of someone who is going out of their way to attack the student who wrote this. And how SO NOT brave to do the attacking under a pseudonym.

      Also, what value is your list of three things? Why is “left her organization” and “medical reasons” in quotes? Are you attacking her medical condition? Asking to see her medical records? I’m not trying to be rude. I am trying to understand the purpose of your comments. Do you deserve to see her medical reasons, Ms. Anonymous?

      Whose name will be dragged through the mud? Did she name you? Did I miss it? I actually wish she would have named names of the awful people that make up the Greek system! Enough is enough with the hazing.

      CSUN students apparently don’t know the definition of slander and libel. Slander is spoken. Libel is written. Opinion is free comment. Look up the Cherry Sisters Vs. Iowa. Should we shut down free speech for “CSUN” student and “Matador” who are still attacking a former Greek?

      As for evidence of Greek life foul deeds:







      1. ANON Dec 2, 2015

        Csun student quoted “left her organization” and “medical reasons” because its an exact quote from this article.

        I just think it’s a little weird that you’re up voting your own comments.

        1. Gabrielle N. Dec 2, 2015

          It’s a little weird that you’re commenting anonymously (probably the same person) about a student you say is wrong. If she is so wrong, why is everyone sharing the heck out of this article and calling her out all over the place, including Facebook?

          My first inclination is to dismiss this as one big girl fight. Silly students who are concerned with themselves than the world. But you anonymous people like you are dragging it out.

          I’m now very curious.

          What’s the point in restating what she said in quotes if you or your other anonymous pal doesn’t explain why it’s wrong?

          She said she left because of medical reasons. She said that she likely would have stayed had it not been for her medical issues and dealt with things she did not like in silence. And someone below just acknowledged she left/went alum and cited medical reasons and appeared to criticize it.

          Is there a contraction or do you have a vendetta? If this young woman did become depressed and prone to anxiety scares, are you making it better by ganging up on her over a vague article? Mental health issues are very real.

      2. Frat Damon Dec 2, 2015

        I find it kind of ironic how you straight up bash people who post anonymously and yet you are posting completely anonymously. In fact, judging by your profile you made your account today, and your only posts are in THIS comment section. As far as I’m concerned you could just be the author under the psudonym “Gabriel N.”

        If you’re going to taunt us saying we aren’t “brave” for using our real names, then please prove you are who you say you are and post your facebook profile here. Otherwise you’re all talk and basically, just a phony.

        This “article” (it’s borderline. The sentence structure is extremely poor and is full of 1 sentence paragraphs) shows just how low the Sundial has fallen. Our school newspaper has devolved into a PC opinion circlejerk and the editor clearly lets anyone that can breathe write articles. And you guys wonder why nobody takes the Sundial seriously…

        1. Gabrielle N. Dec 2, 2015

          Yes, frat boy. Why don’t I give you my social security number, too?

          Maybe you’re also Ms. Cohen. Maybe she’s such an awful person that she’s trying to stir up controversy by posting and arguing with herself. I want to meet this devil who smells like onions and vinegar (according to one of you pathetic people). She sounds so awful. I mean, why else would people be so angry about a generic, simple oped that was too vague to be really interesting.

          You guys are so creative and brilliant … even calling her a dumpster slut! It took you all 15 hours to come up with that one. Feel big and strong?

          Mama would be proud of you, frat boy! Please try not to kill any more recruits next time you drag them barefoot across a hiking trail.

          1. Charlotte Dec 2, 2015

            The fact that you’d be stupid enough to bring up someone who passed away tragically just to prove your point- petty. It’s so funny that you think you’re so educated on greek life and have a valid opinion, but the moment you bring up someone who has died just to be a smartass you lose all goddamn credibility. Grow the fuck up.

          2. Gabrielle N. Dec 2, 2015

            You know nothing. Greek culture is corrupt and sick.

          3. Gabrielle N. Dec 2, 2015

            F-BOMBS don’t make your case, little girl.

          4. Charlotte Dec 2, 2015

            You’re clearly so upset. Continue to blow up at people, you’re obviously very entertained. Didn’t have enough attention as a child? Need a hug? My case is made love, everything you are saying is so foolish- seriously a joke. Greek culture is corrupt and sick? Is that because you didn’t get the notoriety you wanted as a greek? Boo hoo.

          5. Gabrielle N. Dec 2, 2015

            The thing is, I’m really not Lauren. IP addresses are very easy to track. Of course, you want to bully the hell out of this girl. And it’s truly sad. So believe what you will. It doesn’t change the fact that Greek culture is corrupt.

          6. Charlotte Dec 2, 2015

            I don’t think I mentioned anything about IP addresses boo, that’s another argument you’re having. (see above) :)

          7. Gabrielle N. Dec 2, 2015

            I’m not your, boo. Learn to read. I noted I wasn’t this author — but I am now entertained you all apparently think I am. Goes to show you not everyone agrees with you!

            Go study for those finals … lest your sorority drops you for flunking. :-) Your life would be over. Where else could you congregate to speak ill of people you barely know while fluffing your hair?

          8. Charlotte Dec 2, 2015

            Ugh you’re right my life would be tooooootally over. What ever would I do?! Thanks for the tip, I’ll be sure to ace my midterms and simultaneously fluff my hair just for you boo.

          9. Gabrielle N. Dec 2, 2015

            “Ugh you’re right my life would be tooooootally over. What ever would I do?! Thanks for the tip, I’ll be sure to ace my midterms and simultaneously fluff my hair just for you boo.”

            You might want to check your calendar (and punctuation, too). Finals are around the corner. :-D Good luck! Looks like you need it.

          10. Michelle Dec 4, 2015

            Wow. Why do you feel the need to attack everyone?

          11. Michelle Dec 4, 2015

            What’s makes you better then Greeks? You’re basically hazing by speaking ill of everyone who comments something

          12. Frat Damon Dec 2, 2015

            You just lost all credibility as a commenter. First you completely avoid my point of you being Lauren Cohen, then that last comment of the Pike death. You’re so ridiculously stupid and it shows how easily offended you were of my existance as a “frat boy”. You should definately apply for the Sundial because people there would love how you behave when even the word “frat” sends shivers down your spine.

          13. Gabrielle N. Dec 2, 2015

            I’m not Lauren Cohen. But whatever helps you sleep at night.

          14. Frat Damon Dec 2, 2015

            You must either be a troll or an extremely sensitive person to be so offended by 2 misspelled words and call me out on it in an arguement (which is not a winning arguement either). I called you stupid because flat out you are stupid. You generalize Greek people calling them corrupt and sick yet once someone calls you a name you claim it’s not a “winning arguement”

            I think it’s time to re-evaluate your life instead of arguing with those who dedicate their time and efforts to “sick” organizations.

          15. Gabrielle N. Dec 3, 2015

            Apparently you are donating your time to call someone a slut and a terrible person.

        2. Olivia M. Dec 2, 2015

          All article issues aside I think it is very offensive to bring up the Armando incident. It is extremely disrespectful not only to his family but to the community and friends of the boy. While you are attempting to cast a strong argument, please be mindful of how hurtful and hateful your words can be. Remember, while you’re getting angry at people for posting their opinions, you are feeding into it as well. Please do yourself a favor and remove yourself from this chat, bringing up a boy who has passed away has taken it too far.

          1. Gabrielle N. Dec 2, 2015

            How do you know I haven’t lost a family member in a hazing incident? Isn’t this what it’s about? Criticizing hazing and other abuse from Greeks?

            Hazing has affected CSUN. Someone wanted proof. Please think before you assume.

          2. Olivia M. Dec 2, 2015

            If you have lost a family member in a hazing incident then I believe you would have the respect and understanding to not bring it up in an online argument. Every word you have been speaking is so contradictory and flat out stupid. It is clear that you “Gabrielle N.” are the author of the article yourself, who else would defend themselves this far into an issue if they did not feel personally offended?

          3. Gabrielle N. Dec 2, 2015

            Maybe you’re Lauren. And we’re arguing with ourself. Silly comment aside, you’re clearly obsessed with this Lauren person.

            Btw … Of course this makes me mad. I don’t want teenagers and your adults treating each other so poorly. Call in someone a “dumpster slut” is low.

          4. Gabrielle N. Dec 2, 2015

            Good. Track me. I’m shaking in my boots. You’re clearly convinced I’m Lauren, so I look forward to your visit, lunatic.

      3. David Dec 2, 2015

        Hey guess what Gabrielle?! Stop being such a smart ass and contradicting yourself. Freedom of speech means ANYONE has freedom of speech! So these people can say whatever the hell they want and have the right to defend themselves if they want to or cuss or disagree, whatever the hell they want. That’s the beauty of freedom of speech!! And you beautifully explained it! “Should we shut down free speech for “csun student” and “matador”? Yup these people are all of that too! And a good journalist knows that when a post is made, opinions may not match the OP’s and there could be backlash, happens all the time in the real world. So you need to calm down, just a bit.

        1. Gabrielle N. Dec 2, 2015

          Hey! Guess what, David? I didn’t call for your freedom of speech or anyone else’s to be stifled. That being said, ask a lawyer what posting about someone’s medical records can mean. Especially if that person is the head of a sorority. Someone did delete a message. I didn’t ask them to. She/He/They can post as long as they aren’t threatening anyone, right? And I can respond, too. Right? So calm down just a little bit.

    2. Ashley H. Dec 2, 2015

      Lol go cry about it to your sorority/frat sisters/brothers

    3. rachel Dec 3, 2015


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