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Armenian students protest Atatürk scholar to leave campus

Students peacefully protest in Manzanita Hall

Scholar George Gawrych got through no more than five sentences during his presentation on his book about Turkish army officer Mustafa Kemal Atatürk before students raised their voices in protest Thursday at the Aronstam Library in Manzanita Hall.

Over 20 protesters stood up from their seats, turned their backs on Gawrych and repeatedly chanted “Turkey guilty of genocide” and “genocide denialist.”

Gawrych waited briefly as other attendees voiced their opinions to let him speak, until he began walking up and down the aisle trying to get the protestors to face him.

Two police officers who guarded the entrance escorted Gawrych, a Baylor University Boal Ewing chair of military history, out of the library to sounds of chanting protesters.

“Our initial message was to stop the denial of genocide that cost the lives of millions,” said Eric Badivian, an Armenian protestor.

Many Armenians feel that Gawrych’s book “The Young Atatürk: From Ottoman Soldier to Statesman of Turkey” praises a leader who played a role in the Armenian genocide.

“This man coming here and claiming these claims that genocide didn’t happen is completely absurd and people know,” Badivian said. “There’s factual evidence to this happening all around.”

Gawrych was unable to speak about his book or comment on the protest once police had him leave the library.

The book received the Distinguished Book Award in 2014 from the Society for Military History, according to Gawrych’s Baylor University biography page.

John S. Harrel, who holds a masters degree in history from CSUN and authored “The Nisibis War,” said he expected this protest to happen.

“They are only interested in keeping you and I as being non-Turkish and non-Armenian from finding out both sides,” Harrel said.

Harrel added that Armenians have a legitimate grievance.

He also suggested that a lot of information about the Holocaust was discovered after scholars looked back at history to study the Third Reich.

Art history professor Owen Doonan, who invited Gawrych to speak for the Middle Eastern Islamic Studies program declined to comment to The Sundial about the protest, but did address protestors outside the library.

The Armenian Student Association, Alpha Epsilon Omega and Alpha Gamma Alpha sent a protest-letter to William Watkins, dean of students, expressing their concern and disappointment in having the guest lecturer at CSUN.

“It is quite bizarre that an event revolving around the ignorance and injustices against humanity is being allowed to take place on campus,” as stated in the letter to Watkins.

Watkins later replied in an email sent to the organizations, addressing their concerns.

“The university shares your commitment to the pursuit of truth about all aspects of Armenian history and to never forgetting those who have suffered from the tolerance and actions of others,” Watkins wrote in the email.

*Additional reporting was done by Blaise Scemama. 


  1. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

    I kind of understand why NATO and CIA created the Gulen Movement to screw up Turkey and the Kemalists. Too bad Turkey has a lot of rich history but they refuse to acknowledge the contributions of the true indigenous people.

  2. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

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  3. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

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    Adana Massacre[edit]

    1. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016

      Dude, seriously? You set down and typed all this BS propaganda newspaper excerpts down after I proved to you with the Near East Relief Report I sent you that over 1,000,000 Armenians were alive and were receiving aid in 1921?

      Nobody’s denying here that terrible massacres of massive scale happened between Muslim population and Armenians. The two sides massacred the crap out of each other. Frankly we’re still digging up mass burial sites back in Turkey. We have uncovered several hundred mass graves so far all Muslim populations’ bodies. You can tell from the clothing etc. Not one Armenian mass grave thus far but I’m sure they’re there somewhere too. Armenians just never try to find them bc if they do, the world will find out that the number of dead they suffered will be far below 1.5 million. Still the fact is thus: Ppl mutually massacring each other does NOT prove a government sanctioned genocide. Period.

  4. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

    Learn about islamicized and hidden Armenians of Turkey like the hamshen Armenians. http://armenianweekly.com/2016/11/18/the-plight-of-hidden-or-islamized-armenians-in-turkey/

  5. Choicevoice Nov 18, 2016

    While the author of the above article, Robert Spallone, attempted to maintain some neutrality, it’s interesting how his prejudices dictated his telling of this story.

    First, he didn’t bother looking into the relevance of Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey. It is common knowledge that during the time of the alleged genocide, Atatürk was stationed in the western portion of the country, while the British were launching their full-scale attack in the area of Gallipoli. Even the dishonest genocide scholars who have allied themselves with Armenians do not lay “genocidal blame” on Atatürk.

    So what could have possessed these “protesters” to have performed their full-scale attack during this presentation? Nothing but full-scale hatred. They realized, Oh, there is some event related to Turks and Turkey? We must put a stop to that, and apply our “genocide” message.

    You might say this is an unfair criticism of the author, Robert Spallone, since we cannot expect him to be versed in history. (Although there is such a thing as “research.”)

    The general impression Robert Spallone provided was that the protesters were in the right. He kept quoting this ridiculous person named “Eric Badivian.” Since we now live in such fact-challenged times, made more apparent with the latest presidential election, it is up to the responsible journalist to try and separate fact from fiction.

    “This man coming here and claiming these claims that genocide didn’t happen is completely absurd and people know,” Badivian was quoted as saying. Spallone later points out that the scholar was not even permitted to speak, so the implication is, how could Badivian utter such nonsense? Yet Spallone appears to have taken the side of this Badivian fellow; Badivian has the effect of getting the sympathy.

    The article makes it sound like it was good for “Two police officers” to have “escorted Gawrych… out of the library to sounds of chanting protesters.” Shouldn’t the protesters have been evicted? Why wasn’t the event allowed to continue?

    Let’s examine Spallone’s choice of other qualified voices. He elected to get the opinion of John S. Harrel, who is described as a historian. What we mostly hear about Mr. Harrel is that “Armenians have a legitimate grievance.” They do? This “genocide” is nothing more than an unproven allegation. That is what the British discovered at the end of WWI, when they spent nearly three years trying to prove it, during the process of the Malta Tribunal.

    If Mr. Harrel is such a “historian,” why doesn’t he mention the hundreds of thousands of Turks, Muslims and Jews that the Armenians heartlessly — and systematically — butchered? Now THAT’s a legitimate grievance, not the fact that Armenians traitorously rebelled against their Ottoman nation and were temporarily relocated, too many dying of hunger and disease, just like too many other Ottomans died of hunger and disease. The fact that this move of temporary resettlement is what is called a “genocide” is what would make any real historian’s hair stand on end.

    Mr. Harrel is also said to have “suggested that a lot of information about the Holocaust was discovered after scholars looked back at history to study the Third Reich.” In other words, Mr. Harrel sounds like he is supporting the legitimacy of the Armenian genocide claim. (What kind of a parallel is that especially for a “historian” to make, comparing a real genocide to an unproven one?)

    (Now it is nearly a hundred years later after the end of WWI, and if Mr. Harrel is saying “there is a lot of information to be discovered” where is it? That is, where is the information that proves an Armenian genocide? There is no end to the false “genocide scholars” trying to make a case to support their agenda, but hopefully when Mr. Harrel refers to “scholars,” he is referring to genuine scholars — and not propagandists.)

    This is not what a historian does. A historian bases conclusions strictly on the facts. Perhaps Mr. Harrel said other things, and Spallone chose only to highlight the “genocide friendly” remarks. The underlying effect is that the article comes out in favor of these present-day Armenian terrorists.

    Finally, there is a response from “William Watkins, dean of students.” He responds to the frantic charge against “an event revolving around the ignorance and injustices against humanity is being allowed to take place on campus,”

    Does Mr. Watkins ask what relevance a presentation of Atatürk has with what these Armenian groups regard as “injustices against humanity”? Does he consider what lies at the bottom of these Armenians’ intentions is nothing less than all-out hatred against anything Turkish?

    Based on the article, Mr. Watkins defends the Armenians. He bent over backwards trying to appease them, writing that the university will not be “forgetting those who have suffered from the tolerance and actions of others,”

    The farthest thing from Mr. Watkins’ mind is the suffering of Turks, Muslims and Jews because of the tolerance and actions of wartime Armenians.

    In a way we cannot blame Spallone, Harrel and Watkins (well, we can blame Harrel a little, because he is supposed to be a “historian”) for being so biased because all they keep hearing is that there was an Armenian genocide, and no one cares about the true historical facts. All that is good for them is for some biased party such as Eric Badivian to claim, “There’s factual evidence to this happening all around”… never bothering to learn what that “factual evidence” is.

    The end result? The forces of vicious hatred keep winning, even in the halls of a distinguished university which is dedicated to learning, and which should be dedicated to reject propaganda.

    1. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

      Relevance and Ataturk are not 2 words that go hand in hand. Unless of course you are a nationalist Grey Wolf Christian hating Kemalist longing for Turkey to stop being an Islamist NATO controlled country. Good luck, the powers that be want to keep Turkey in turmoil with Turks hating each other. Kemalists are a sad lot of people, they have no country that is why they choose to live abroad rather than in the so called country they love

      1. Choicevoice Nov 18, 2016

        Such a completely useless reply, demonstrating two words that do NOT go hand in hand are “relevance” and “FresnoArmenians.”

  6. Choicevoice Nov 18, 2016

    Unfortunately, this genocide claim has become widespread to the point where ordinary people, thanks to their ignorance and prejudice, mindlessly accept it. There is no proof to the claim. There is only hearsay and forgeries.

    Moreover, the people who accept the claim that the Armenian terrorists of the 1970s-80s and their fraudulent “genocide scholar” allies have succeeded in having everyone believe do not know about, nor even care, about the hundreds of thousands — probably 500,000, as the Turkish archives have it, equal to the total amount of Armenians who lost their lives mainly through famine and disease (which is how millions of Turks lost their lives, even the soldiers) — that the Armenians butchered in the most hideous of ways. (See the 1919 report of two initially bigoted Americans, Niles and Sutherland, which Emre Serbest has provided below. Here it is again: http://louisville.edu/a-s/history/turks/Niles_and_Sutherland.pdf)

    This is the definition of “racism.”

    If you’d like further examples, just keeping reading the hysterical posts of “FresnoArmenians” who has cluttered this page, in typical Armenian fashion, with his virulent messages of hatred. He doesn’t care about historical evidence, naturally, because there is none. (This is why the Armenians and their allies try to get governments and respected parties such as the Pope to recognize their invented genocide, so that they can point to prejudiced resolutions and opinions and declare, See? They agree with us. This is their substitute for evidence.)

    In 1910, M. Varandian, the primary historian of the terrorist Dashnaks who made hell for their own fellow Armenians and who took over Ottoman-Armenian villages to organize their treacherous revolt during dangerous wartime that led to their temporary relocation (what those as “FresnoArmenians” call a “genocide”), spelled out what is required for how Armenians may express their patriotism: The requirement? Racial superiority for Armenians (which served European Armenians well when they joined Hitler in WWII), and the disparagement of Turks and Muslims as subhumans.

    Just look at this proud Dashnak tradition that “FresnoArmenians” is upholding with just one of his posts below: “…many ‘Turkic’ people who don’t have the Turkic true mongolian features. It’s hard for you to admit that my blood runs through your veins.”

    Many Ottoman-Armenians were conditioned by such hatred indoctrinated by their murderous Dashnak leaders that when their Russian, and after the war French, allies unleashed them onto a defenseless population, they committed their crimes in ways the human mind find difficult to imagine… such as cooking children over fires and feeding them to their mothers. (The kind of horror stories one can easily find in Armenian propaganda attributed to the Turks. The difference: when the Armenians performed these horrors, they were for real.) This is how many of their probable half-million victims died, in the most horrific of ways. In short, the Armenians looked upon the Turks, Muslims and Jews as little more than animals, allowing them to commit their heinous acts. Many, unfortunately, still do.

    It wasn’t enough. Here we are, over a century later, and their proud descendants such as “FresnoArmenians” still feel patriotically bound to keep committing their acts of terror, such as the abysmal way in which they behaved during what was supposed to be a civilized lecture.

    1. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

      They know it’s fact that is why it’s “accepted” and FWIW i am not hysterical you are. You don’t belong in California pushing the Ataturk off on people as some sort of saint he was a drunk, and adopted an Armenian orphan. That is all documented by the US State Department. I remain logical and very calm regarding my facts and the knowledge of your sad country that Baba Gulen is ripping up., We all know you hate Erdogan and Gulen, get a life go fix Turkey. You don’t own California or have contributed to this great country like Greeks, Armenians and the rest of the remains of your bloody Ottoman sword.

      1. Choicevoice Nov 19, 2016

        “I know you are but what am I?” Quite the juvenile response, Pee-Wee. You have demonstrated your ignorance on many things, and we may easily add your not knowing the meaning of “hysterical” to the list. Yes, I am sure the “US State Department” is the first place to look to learn about Ataturk. (You don’t even realize what you have written; the man has adopted an Armenian orphan according to you, and that’s one reason you cite for him not being “some sort of saint”? That is, adopting an Armenian orphan was a devilish thing to do?) It’s also demented of you to press on the odd message of “Stay away from Califonia”… when did that become an issue? Furthermore, nice dodges by bringing up irrelevant topics such as Erdogan and Gulen, doing a crackerjack job of persuading readers of your correctness… while completely avoiding pertinent issues that were raised, such as Varandian’s writings as to the Armenians’ racist psychology, and the criminality of your mass-murdering forefathers.

        1. Avram Cohen Nov 19, 2016

          lol, your IQ must be below 50, or maybe your mother dropped you as a baby.. Let me just say how stupid you sound denying a fact the world already knows???!

          1. Emre Serbest Nov 19, 2016

            What the world knows is the bs genocide propaganda you so idiotically try to perpetuate here after we proved our point with bonafide documents. So we’re showing the world the truth they don’t know here. If you have any IQ over 50,
            1. stop talking on behalf of the world
            2. Read the stuff we posted here and try to understand with your petty little brain
            3. Try to produce evidence in the same quality to back up your claims.

  7. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

    All this talk about how Armenians where Traitors and deserved what they got because they sided with the Russians. Why is is that Erdogan has pulled away from NATO western and is now sided with Putin/Russia? the eastern camp. So is Erdogan betraying that fragile Turkic nationalism by apologizing to Russia about the down Syrian jet and siding with them? No lets discuss the truth, the slaughter of Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians, Jews was about stealing the wealth the Turkish Generals and Governors that ordered this and carried it out became very wealthy off the back of confiscation and theft even stealing our daughters for your sick sexual pleasure, but rape isn’t enough you had to humiliate them parading them nude and selling them for coins. Things haven’t changed much with Turkey they are responsible for allowing jihadist entry from over 80 countries into Turkey then facilitated into Iraq and Syria to kill over 600,000 civilians and plunder our towns and rape our women – shamelessly turning kurdish Yazidi women into sex slaves. Once again you prove to the world that the Turks are used by NATO to prey on their neighbors. Maybe Erdogan got it right by siding with Russia he knows NATO has a target on his back and Turkey.

    1. Choicevoice Nov 22, 2016

      There is no way of getting around the fact that the Armenians were traitors, given that their terrorist Dashnak leaders took over nearly every Ottoman-Armenian village, spent twenty-five years assassinating Armenians who were loyal Ottomans, and blanketed the rest with their hateful ideology, making the Armenians think they were racially superior (above bigot may look in mirror for one byproduct) and that Turks and Muslims were subhumans… leading to Armenians killing Turks and Muslims in the most unimaginably sadistic ways when they embarked on their systematic ethnic-cleansing of them and other groups including Jews (when the above says “Jews” to try and blame the Turks for the killing of Jews, as well as any other ethnic group he can think of — he forgot “Eskimos” — of course there is no evidence. The only ones the Ottoman-Jews had to fear in regard to getting killed were Armenians).

      The Armenians traitorously rebelled, at the moment when their Ottoman nation was marked for extinction, as the Armenians’ allies, Britain, France and Russia had been planning. Even The New York Times tells us this, in articles from Nov. 7 and Nov. 13 of 1914, as soon as war broke out. (The Armenians had stockpiled weaponry, waiting for the moment to turn traitor, when their nation was at war.)

      Did the Armenians deserve what they got? No less than Hovhannes Katchaznouni, the first prime minister of Armenia, laid the blame at their feet in his manifesto. (What the Armenians “got” was not the fraudulent genocide, but a temporary resettlement to farther-away villages; most died of famine and disease, like the rest of their fellow Ottomans.) Of course they deserved such a fate. How else would any other nation have treated a treacherous minority, which embarked on massacring the local citizenry?

      Nations have resettled even when the nations’ existence was not threatened , and even when minorities were innocent, as with Japanese-Americans of WWII. And let’s imagine if a minority had rebelled in the USA at that time, such as blacks, who had far greater justification for grievances than Ottoman-Armenians. Let’s say angry blacks began to mass-murder white communities. Does anyone think the U.S. government would have simply resettled them?

      That’s all we need to consider, as far as “genocide.” The distracting talk above from this unconscientious fellow allegedly from Fresno is irrelevant, especially when he makes up any hateful anti-Turkish claim (“Parading them nude and selling them for coins”??) that pops into his tiny mind, without presenting any evidence.

  8. FresnoArmenians Nov 17, 2016

    BTW the 3 pashas that ordered the death of the Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, Kurds, etc., were tried in absentia by a Turkish Military Tribunal and found guilty of war crimes. By then the three coward killers had fled out of Turkey with all the confiscated items, coins and gold taken from Armenians. All three died tragically and one had help in the streets of Berlin, Germany Talat Pasha and his murderer was found NOT GUILTY by the German Courts as justifiable. It’s takes a coward to round up men and kill all of them – then have only women, children and old people to deal with. Turks are brave when they are gang raping a woman in front of their children then turning the child into a traumatized adult. Shame on Turkey. Stop hiding your dark ugly history and don’t burn the name of Armenians from the history. 100 years later and you continue this barbaric behavior against civilians over 7,000 Kurds have been killed this past 18 months, their towns and villages destroyed. SHAME ON TURKEY

    1. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016

      Nothing but lies, unfounded lies and damn lies

    2. Choicevoice Nov 18, 2016

      Indeed, this liar called “FresnoArmenians” says anything he wants with no care to back any statement up. It’s hard to believe such sorry people exist.

      “3 pashas that ordered the death of the Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, Kurds…” One of those pashas in fact, Jemal Pasha, saved many Armenian lives. He executed a couple of officers who had hurt some Armenians. In fact, the Ottomans punished nearly fifteen-hundred of their people, executing over sixty. These facts in themselves demonstrate the fallacy of the genocide charge, as it simply makes no sense to turn on those who are supposedly carrying out murderous orders.

      Where did this foolish person get the idea that these pashas ordered the death of the Kurds? The only forces murdering Kurds internally were Dashnak Armenians. Kurds constituted a good portion of the hundreds of thousands of Turks, Muslims and Jews the Armenians heartlessly mass-murdered.

      This fool also included the Jews as the pashas’ victims in another of his ridiculous posts. It does not matter, he is devoid of a conscience, and will write anything. The Ottoman Jews were the one minority who did not turn traitor, and the last Grand Rabbi stated after the war that not only was there no hatred against the Jews, as the Jews faced in every other country, but that there was a “pro-Semitism.” The ones Ottoman Jews had to fear during and after the war years were the racism-bent Dashnak Armenians.

      Other traitorous groups who rebelled included Pontus Greeks and Assyrians. When a group bears arms against one’s government, one invites the possibility of getting killed. Some of the ones who got killed then decided to invent a “genocide” story as well, since the strategy has worked so well for the Armenians. Incredible.

  9. FresnoArmenians Nov 17, 2016

    Here are some facts: I am second Generation Armenian American, born in California my Grandparents were part of the 134,000 Armenian orphans sponsored by American Near East Relief Orphanages, the genocide of their parents, villages, was planned by the corrupt Young Turk Regime and then finished by drunken Ataturk who himself adopted an Armenian girl. WE BUILT CALIFORNIA: Economically, Agriculture, films, law, etc., The person that pushed to put these talks on was using her academic standing at USC Vega Santurk, and is NOT born in the USA as is 99.9% of these Kemalist Nationalists, most of which DO NOT have Turkic blood but are Turkified Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians, Bulgarians. Remember the sword of the Ottomans who originally are from Central Asia Turkic mongolian nations invaded. Slowly sacking our historical towns, plundering churches and shamelessly converting Churches into Mosques stealing everything even our daughters. We are very strong population in California and will not tolerate this sort of glossing over of a criminal who was a drunk and died of liver disease at 57 years of age. The Turks you see waving the Turkish Flag laced with Ataturk (who was born in Greece) are sad individuals, people without a country. Turkey is not even 100 years old (est. 1923) They have no heros to idolize at all, today their country is a mess with Erdogan (Islamists) and Gulenists ripping the country up along with their the Kemalist Buddies “Grey Wolves” who 30 years ago shot Pope John Paul (Mehmet Agca) These people hate Christians and anything to do with religion or reminding them of the true indigenous people of what today is called Republic of Turkey. They should entertain the writer Stefan Ihrig “Ataturk and the Imagination of Nazism” and it should be noted that Hitler admired Ataturk. These people also like Ergun are sad individuals they don’t live in Turkey but choose to live in a state that is inhabited with the descendants of genocide survivors. While the Gulen Movement tries to infiltrate American Education there is no way we will allow these nationalists to try and do the same. If they don’t like it they should move back to Turkey. We will not tolerate this, this is isn’t 100 years ago we don’t have to. These Kemalists even tried to sneak in a statue of Ataturk in Carson, CA -they believe they have the right to push their drunk leader off on the United States. They can lie about history, gloss over about the Armenian genocide that our survivor grand parents and great grandparents were liars or worse deserved to be orphaned because they believe we were traitors. They can try to re write history, re name towns Istanbul (Constaniople) Izmir (Smyrna) but the truth remains. These people will not be allowed to harm our ancestor’s memory or push this criminal onto public supported Colleges that Armenians are the largest contributors and students of. Here is the facts about Ataturk’s Armenian adopted daughter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOIDI6_RCZU

    1. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016

      More than half of my great grandfather’s family was massacred in Van 1915 by the Armenian Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) terrorists. He was a medic he didn’t give no Armenians any harm. But he had to go through this, along with many other thousands of families and “non-confirming” Armenians (like the mayor of Van Bedros Kapamajian or the Armenian Patriarch) because thise damn communist ARF terrorists wanted to carve out an Armenian state for themselves ok? Does that put things in perspective for you?

      1. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

        Our family name traces to Van over 2,000 years. More than likely your family was Armenian forced to convert to Islam like the Hamshen Armenians near the Black sea. BTW Thanks to the Government of Turkey for rebuilding and restoring our 600 year old church Aktamar on Van Lake it was a good step in the right direction even though they didn’t want to put a cross on it. Your History of Van is incorrect you are no Vanetci – I am you should know that the Vanetcis were invaded by Turkish Gendarmes – civilians of the town the minority kurds, few turks (that worked in my great grandparents business) Assyrians fought back. So we are considered communist because we fought back against a corrupt government that turn against it’s most loyal of citizens? Interesting the first thing the genarmes went after was our businesses, wealth, and our daughters. While they were plundering and sacking the town they made themselves very rich. You can say that Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, Kurds deserved it to cover up your crimes of theft. But the truth remains from the eyes of non Armenians and Turks that were there all documented. Soon you will see it in a major motion picture THE PROMISE

        1. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016

          The Report of Niles & Sutherland


          (U.S. National Archives Ref. 184.021/175)

          Constantinople, Aug. 16, 1919

          1. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

            We have all the testimony we need from Ambassador Morganthau to other non Turkish Non Armenian eye witness accounts. We don’t need to look at unconfirmed paid for reports by the Government of Turkey. There is no photos of so called dead Turks only rows and rows of slain Armenian, Greek, Assyrian and Kurdish villages. THE PROMISE movie breaking next month will have it all .. Check American newspapers from 1890 from the Hamidian massacres to 1923 and you will see headlines in all the major newspapers about the barbarian Turkic thieves and killers. Your documents are horseshit paid for by your government to hide it’s crimes against Greek, Armenians, Assyrians and Kurds. Not even academically credentials just drunks like Justin McCarthy looking for a quick buck to lie about something he didn’t eye witness.

          2. Choicevoice Nov 18, 2016

            Again, Ambassador Morgenthau was no eyewitness. He only listened to his Armenian interpreters, keen on following Dashnak principles for deceit. Other foreigners, including consuls and missionaries, were also not eyewitnesses; they formed their opinions on Christian prejudice and whatever their Armenian interpreters told them. There is not one verifiable account pointing to how Armenians were murdered on orders from the Ottoman government. (Andonian forgeries notwithstanding.) What we know is how that government punished those harming Armenians, at times to the point of execution. This fact in itself proves what hogwash the genocide allegation is.

            There are many documented photos of Turkish/Muslim villagers slain by Armenians; some have been usurped by dishonest Armenians and their allies working at “Wikipedia” and elsewhere, shamelessly purporting that the dead are instead Armenians. The only “incriminating” photos are the undocumented ones by Armin Wegner, which only showed suffering (something that the wartime Ottoman Empire had no shortage of, in every corner.) Western newspaper accounts were extremely prejudiced, and those authored by Armenians and missionaries had, shall we say, immense conflict-of-interest. As for Prof. McCarthy, it’s understandable why his facts would invite awful insults from Armenians who care nothing for the truth, but he does what a historian is supposed to do: gather all of the relevant information to arrive at objective conclusions. (And a historian does not need to “eye witness” in order to write about history, genius.) If you think such a historian is making a “quick buck” — indeed, going against the overwhelming propaganda must be a goldmine — while risking hatred and slander from unconscionable genocide believers, you are a greater fool than you are letting on.

            Bottom line: There is no evidence for this evil genocide claim. On the other hand, there is much factual evidence demonstrating how the Dashnak Armenians systematically mass-murdered hundreds of thousands of Turks, Muslims, Jews and others… even fellow Armenians.

        2. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016

          Also see Near East Relief Report of 1921 I just got out of my archive for you:


          Look on Page 5 under “Relief”. It says over 1,000,000 Armenians are alive and being well fed. (out of the 1.5 million you ppl claim dead) and goes further that the rest died of famine, sicknesses etc.

          This is 1921! 6 yrs after your ancestors say we annihilated them all!

          Where is the genocide here? You ppl need to stop lying to the whole world!

        3. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016

          I speak with genuine documents, you speak stories and hatred propaganda. That’s our difference.

      2. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

        BTW the Vanetci Armenians taught the Turks how to make Basturma and our famous Van Cheese. You invaded our homeland centuries after we established ourselves as a civilized nation and first to adapt Christianity 301 AD.

      3. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

        You are no Vanetci, I am and my roots go back to 301 AD to VAN Criminals invaded Van killing civilians not terrorists and the first thing they did was go after our businesses, plundering our churches for gold (crazy) and confiscating all the businesses of which my great grand parents operated a chakar chur plant (hand bottling of water, with a tarragon flavor) then killing all the adults taking the children as sex slaves or servants and some were married with Turkish soldiers. Get your facts straight. More than enough documentation by non Turkish and Non Armenian missionaries that is well documented at the LIbrary of Congress, Shiloh Foundation, and American Near East Relief. You cannot re write history

  10. Orhan Tan Nov 17, 2016

    The below letter was submitted to Prof. Harrison:

    Prof. Dianne F. Harrison,
    President, California State University Northridge

    Dear President,
    I would like to exlain to you first my regrets and my view points very briefly concerning the Armenian students’ unfortunate protest against Prof. George Gawrych.
    Prof. Gawrych was invited by your University and the students of your University were supposed to respect the speaker considering the global Universities’ concepts. At the very beginning of his conference shut off by those students is an example of hatred and racist approach of those fanatic Armenians together with the assault against an academician’s speech of freedom. They do not tolerate any different view apart from what they have heard from their parents and what they read from mostly biased documents. We can not accept the Armenian accusations against Turkish nation with such a crime against humanity. That is why the Turkish Government proposed a commission of international historians and law academicians be established to uncover what really happened those unfortunate years reviewing all available states’ archives. Armenian side refrains from such a very fair and just proposal. In order to describe any event as genocide there should be international judicial decision in accordance with the United Nations’ 1948 Convention. If the Armenian side was sure the documents they had were not fabricated ones they would not hasitate to have applied any international court to make use of some profits. But, in doing so, they are afraid of their accusations would be ended. European Court of Human Rights 2013 and 2015 verdicts rejected Armenian claims of genocide.
    My last words for Prof. William Watkins, Dean of students, who said “The university shares your commitment to the pursuit of truth about all aspects of Armenian history….” I do not know how he attained the Armenian history information, but I believe he, as an unbiased academician, would be interested in the excerpts from valid documents I submit as enclosure to my message.
    Thank you, Distinguished President, for the time you have spared for my view points.
    Respectfully yours,

    Orhan Tan

    P.S. Enclosure can not be published on this page, sorry…

    1. FresnoArmenians Nov 17, 2016

      Here is loser pezavenc Kirlikovali shouting out in audience at an Armenian Academic professor . Here you go enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZHl_L-PoFg

      1. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016

        Ergun Kirlikovali is not born in Greece, He’s born in Bulgaria. His entire family was murdered by Armenian gangs Russians used in the uprising to separate Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire back in early 1900s. Along with many hundreds of thousands of Muslims… Way before your alleged genocide. Your communist Armenians ARF buddies ain’t clean “victims” they started all the mutual massacres happened between Turks and Armenians. Otherwise Turks and Armenians had no problem. They lived in peace and harmony for centuries.
        Stop spewing lies, ignorance and hate for God’s sake.

        1. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

          Armenians gangs in Bulgaria? wow Esek Ergun tells some wild stories his best story was the one in front of the California Senate on “Fish Eyes, blood and the Armenian Genocide” it’s a classic. So I rest my case he is not Turkic from true Turkic roots in Central Asia Mongolia he is Turkified by the Ottoman sword that swept their ugly bloody sabre to the gates of Vienna.

          1. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016

            You’re so ignorant you don’t even know ARF had a huge training camp in Bulgaria. I have some HD pictures of them I’d send you but you can’t send pics thru here.


        2. Avram Cohen Nov 19, 2016

          lol, the good old Turkish excuse, the barbarian Armenians were siding with the Russians and murdering Turks… hmmm would that be why millions of Armenian, Assyrian and Greek women and children can no longer speak!??

          1. Emre Serbest Nov 19, 2016

            Where did you come from you idiot? I already proved your Fresno Armenians dude that in 19211 million Armenians were alive and were being well taken care of by Near East relief agency. What millions of Assyrian and Greek are you talking about? First of all Assyrian Greek population in Ottoman Empire Anatolia never amounted to millions. And they’ve never been subject to any atrocities. If you’re saying they are prove it or else paddle through you BS elsewhere. Orthodox Greek, Assyrian and Pontian minorities were asked during Lausanne Treaty whether they would prefer to have independent statehood or not. They declared unanimously that they decline such proposal and wanted to remain as minority subjects under Turkey. Why would they say that if they were subjected to any mistreatment? You ppl make all sort of crap up. Ppl like you are so racist that if any group of ppl were to get killed anywhere in the world you would blame it on Turks.

    2. FresnoArmenians Nov 17, 2016

      Prof. Dianne F. Harrison,
      President, California State University Northridge DO YOU GIVE A RATS ASS? These people are not born in the USA and don’t contribute to the college and community as the Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians and Kurdish students do.
      Just toss his letter into the wastebasket these losers cannot even go back to Turkey no one wants them. Besides Turkey is now controlled by Terrorists the same terrorists that facilitated ISIS and gladio armies into Iraq and Syria to killl over 600,000 civilians and once again destroy the ancient Armenian CHRISTIAN communities of Syria and Iraq.

      1. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016

        Turkey is not controlled by ISIS. You have never been to Turkey and you know nothing. Stop spewing lies and hatred.

        1. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

          Yes it is, and it’s called NATO gladio armies which Gulen is a part of. Erdogan should never have gone along with the plan to destroy his neighbors, at least he stands up to NATO. What about you? Why are you allowing Gulenists to spread hate to the Turkish Consular’s office to their students and parents? http://www.slideshare.net/GulenCemaat/magnolia-science-academyletter-to-turkish-consul-general-final

          1. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016

            I think you’re lost dude

          2. Avram Cohen Nov 19, 2016

            Not when more countries everyday are recognizing the Genocide.. lol we know who’s losing the denial war, don’t we haha

          3. Emre Serbest Nov 19, 2016

            “Countries” aren’t recognizing anything. The congressional resolutions you ppl pass by buying out politicians are worthless and just the waste of your money. They have no binding effect and you know it. 1947 Genocide convention is clear. Genocide claims are the jurisdiction of international criminal courts. If Armenians were man enough they would bring their claims to ICC. They can’t bc they know they committed war crimes. They can’t back up any of their claims. Short of ICC court order saying Turks committed genocide, all such genocide accusations are racist slander.

    3. Avram Cohen Nov 19, 2016

      Orhan, sir you are losing this racist campaign you are on against the Armenians… You Turks sound so laughable stupid trying to rewrite history and denying what your ancestors did, c’mon don’t you realize the world doesn’t believe your lies!??

      1. Emre Serbest Nov 19, 2016

        We spoke with documents so far if you have documents to back up your claims present them or paddle through you bs elsewhere. You can’t speak on behalf of others here.

  11. Haig Nov 16, 2016

    Denialist trolls commenting here conveniently ignore the fact that Turkey is ranked #1 in repression of media and free speech. In fact more journalists are in prison in Turkey than China, Iran and Egypt all put together. So, please Turkish trolls, spare us your chest pounding. Don’t lecture us about freedom of speech.
    students have every right to turn their back at any paid “academic”
    stooge who promotes falsification of history. Ataturk not only continued
    the genocidal plan of the YT against Armenians, he also masterminded and carried out the massacres in Dersim, up to late 1930’s.
    Educate yourselves.

    1. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016

      You wanna see trolls, look in the mirror. Ain’t no shame in denying something if you haven’t done it. There was no genocide. It’s the biggest lie perpetuated in history. Armenians were interned in encampments in Syria and most of them either returned to Turkey after the war or they got moved to other countries like Lebanon, Iran, many settled in Syria, many moved to Europe, US (where do you think your ancestors came from?) over a few million Armenians live in Latin America, Africa and so on. Only in Argentina there’s a crap load of Armenians. Your Armenian “genocide scholars” never did any geneology study on who went where. Instead they declared everyone who left Turkey dead, with exxagerated numbers.

      1. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

        My Grandparents were there you were not Emre Serbest you pseudo Armenian Turkifed under the Turkifcation policies. You don’t get to come to America and spread your Kemalism and Grey Wolve mentality especially after Mehmet Agca tried to kill Pope John Paul. We know the hate that runs in your veins just like Hitler who thought he was Jewsish you know you are conflicted because the Caucaus blood running through your veins is non Turkic. You and the Gulenists don’t get to come into California to re write history and pass Ataturk Hitler off as some sort of leader. If Vega or Ergun want to talk about Ataturk talk about it with Kemalists, most Turks in California (I am speaking about the Gulenists) hate Ataturk, if you really want to do a favor for America you should rid the country of the Gulenists who hate Ataturk and have managed to infiltrate education, corrupt US politicians to destroy the legacy of your Ataturk Hitler. You are so screwed up you people fight each other and kill each other ..hence 7/15 Turks killing Turks and you want to bring that mentality to America? Fat Chance, learn to be an American with Turkish Ethnicity first. No one in America is buying your garbage, if anything they are buying the narratives of the Gulenists more than the Kemalists.

        1. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016

          Is there any moderation on this page? Where do you get all this racist propaganda material?
          If you wanna talk about Hitler and Nazis wash your mouth. Ever heard of Dro “The Butcher” Kanayan? That he was a Nazi collaborator responsible for extermination of Jews with 812th battalion of Wehrmacht? He killed Jews by wagon loads like he killed Turks and Kurds. He had 18,000 ppl under his command. And you ppl buried him as a war hero in appreciation of his war crimes. How gracious of you?
          Pls keep challenging me I will embarrass you all the way to Armenia or that place you call Artsakh

      2. lily Nov 22, 2016

        let’s just hope Emre whoever that your stupidity will not pass down to your generation.

        1. Emre Serbest Nov 22, 2016

          Lily or whoever… No need for you to be concerned there. I have two extremely smart boys who are exemplary kids, way beyond their years.

          And I, with all my “stupidity” have managed to earn two Bachelor’s degrees and a Master’s degree. I guess I don’t need to tell you, if you live in the US that you can’t buy degrees from the local Walmart. They require a certain degree of intelligence to earn.

          On the other hand, given the fact that you (or the likes of you) who posted on this discussion board have proven to be unable to hold an intelligent conversation without sinking to name calling thus far, may I suggest that you (all) may be suffering of just that?

  12. Stephen W. Houghton Nov 16, 2016

    The point is not Armenian students and this history of Turkish Armenian relations, the point is that shouting down a lecturer is in poor taste, contrary to free academic inquiry, and a violation of the rights to property and free speech.

    1. FresnoArmenians Nov 17, 2016

      Says who? Check with an attorney we are within our rights. In fact, those Kemalists don’t know how many Armenians were in the room sitting next to them because they largely have Armenian, Greek, Assyrian, Kurdish and Bulgarian Caucasian blood not the blood of true Turkic people from Central Asia Mongolia. check out the video on Ataturks’ Adopted Armenian daughter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOIDI6_RCZU

      1. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016

        Your lawyer must be seriously lost to defend racist radicals like you. Oh, of course he must be Armenian too.

        1. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

          we have the best lawyers in the USA and you have Dr. Oz that married a gavur and hangs out with the Gulenists. LMAO

  13. umran yarar Nov 14, 2016

    Diaspora-Armenian Youth have begun to look more and more like the Hitler Youth.

    1. lily Nov 14, 2016

      good job Armenian students!! keep up!!
      Mustafa Kemal was a killer, his name needs to be burned from history !! he is a big shame for Turkish people

      1. disqus_fvLIBK8ktD Nov 16, 2016

        Perhaps the scholar on Ataturk would have spoken about Ataturk’s relationship with the Armenians, but we’ll never know because he wasn’t allowed to speak.

        PS I don’t think it’s a good idea for anyone’s name “to be burned from history.”

        1. FresnoArmenians Nov 17, 2016

          “Burned from History” you mean like my ancestors? or Constaniople being changed to Istanbul or Smyrna changed to Izmir. The most shameless burning of a name burned from history is the conversion of our St. Hagia Sofia Church into the Grand Mosque. These people have no shame or class.

          1. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016

            How do city name changes relate to your genocide claims? Hagia Sophia is a Museum now not converted into a mosque. Btw it was built by Byzantine who massively killed, tortured or persecuted Armenians. The reason why Armenians survived in Turkey is bc they cooperated with the Seljuk (Turkish) emperor Alpaslan at the battle of Malazgirt to beat the Byzantine Army. And after Turks protected Armenians up until 1890s where mutual massacres started under Russian-English influence.
            For God’s sake read history

      2. FresnoArmenians Nov 17, 2016

        Yes and they still try to cram this esek Ataturk down the throats of California people (like they care) last year this same sorry ass group wanted a statue of Ataturk in Carson, CA. That will never happen. Californians won’t allow it.

      3. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016

        You don’t know a damn thing about Mustafa Kemal

        1. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

          1) We all know Mustafa Kemal died of Alcholism (liver disease ) at the age of 57 – he loved his raki 2) Ataturk finished the job on the Greeks, Armenians, Jews, Kurds that the corrupt Young Turk Regime started, confiscating everything even churches 3) Ataturk adopted an Armenian girl Sabiha Gokce (that is a documented fact by the US State Department) 4) Americans don’t want you pushing your Hitler Ataturk off on them, you are in America now learn to respect our culture and our leaders, how about honoring George Washington the father of this great nation, don’t push your beliefs on to America we don’t need a statute of Ataturk, it would last 2 seconds in California we will use it as target practice. 5) I know by your photo (cute by the way) that you are not Turkic there is no mongolian Turkic features there. Have you done your DNA testing…the Ottomans spread their dirty sword to the gates of Vienna, throughout the middle east to North Africa. From your photo I am seeing Turkified Bulgarian (am I right) was your grandfather a Janissary? Thanks so much for the entertainment in California between you crazy Kemalist Grey Wolves and the Gulen Movement- Thanksgiving main course will have so much more meaning to it.

          1. Choicevoice Nov 18, 2016

            Thank you for proving that “You don’t know a damn thing about Mustafa Kemal” … or about much else. 1) So? 2) The Armenians were free to stay according to the Treaty of Gumru and other treaties. Many chose to leave, one reason because their criminal Dashnak leaders ruined things for them. The key point is that they were not forced out, but chose to leave. Venizelos wanted Turkish-Greeks to make up for the great loss of men thanks to his ill-fated war; Turkey did not want to lose their Greeks, but gave in to the population exchange that resulted. Once people abandon their homes, what should any nation do? Preserve them? And the inclusion of “Jews” is another baseless and shameless fabrication; the ones who were killing Jews were Armenians. 3) If that’s the case, there goes the silly argument that Ataturk was a “Hitler.” 4) Who are you to speak for Americans? It’s easy to see all you care about is your Armenianism. 5) Once again, immersed in disgusting racism. No wonder “FresnoArmenians” is such an expert on Hitler.

    2. FresnoArmenians Nov 17, 2016

      How ironic …Hitler admired and modeled the Jewish holocaust after the Armenian Genocide. Read “Ataturk in the imagination of Hitler” by Stefan Uhlrig. Great book!!! Ataturk the Hitler of Turkey.

      1. Choicevoice Nov 18, 2016

        Hitler did not need the fake Armenian genocide for inspiration, as his nation already had become versed with extermination practices in Africa. The only result in a search for your recommended book and author was this page, genius. Finally, why don’t we talk about ones who admired and modeled themselves after Hitler, instead? The European Armenians who joined the Third Reich and took part in the Jewish Holocaust easily come to mind.

  14. umran yarar Nov 14, 2016

    I strictly condemn such shameful act conducted by the Armenian students in the university.Obstruction and preclusion of fredom of speech in any university is a vulgar and ignorant act of brutality unfitting to the understanding of academic freedom .,

    Now , in this section of my comments I would like to draw the public attention on Armenian allegations……….
    1.The allegations of the ”so-called Armenian genocide” are an international lie.Documents from not only Turkish but also Russian archives refute these international liars.The documents show that imperialists from the west and from Tsarist Russia were responsible for the situation boiling over between Muslims and Armenians.The Great Powers , which wanted to divide the Ottoman Empire , provoked a section of the Armenians , with whom we had lived in peace for centuries and incited them to violence.The Turks defended their homeland from these attacks.In fact, the lie of the ”Armenian genocide ” was first invented in 1915 by the Imperialists of England, France and Tsarist Russia, who wanted to divide Ottoman Empire during the first world war.As Chamberlain later admitted,this was war propoganda.Even Lenin ,Stalin and other leaders of the Soviet revolution wrote about the Armenian question.They said in their reports that no genocide of Armenian people had been carried out by the Turkish authorities.This statement was not intended as propaganda at the time .In secret reports the Soviet leaders and Armenian leaders(HOVANNES KATCHZNOUNI) said – this is very important- and the Soviet archives confirm that at that time there were occurences of ethnic conflict, slaughter and massacres between Armenians and Muslims.But Turkey was on the side of those defending their homeland and Armenians were on the side of the imperialist powers and their instruments.In fact, ?t was the big Trauma between peoples and both sides suffered a lot. It should be acknowledged that massacres took place but justifies them in the name of the laws of war and maintains that the massacres were perpetrated by the Armenian as well as by theTurkish side. After that Ottoman Empire moved thousands of Armenians from the borders of Russia towards what are now Syria and Iraq. But, ?t should be known that this deportation was not the genocidal purposes but only for security needs and purposes.Now , I would like to ment?on here a very important document which is the confessions of the F?rst Pr?me M?n?ster and also Nat?onal hero of INDEPENDENT ARMENIAN REPUBL?C( HOVANNES KATCHZNOUNI) about the Armenian deportat?on in 1915 .

    2,In this section of my comments,I would like to mention you briefly about PER?NÇEK’S TR?AL ?N EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN R?GHTS ENDED ?N 15 0CTOBER 2015 MR. PER?NÇEK WHO ?S THE DEN?AL OF SO-CALLED ARMEN?AN GENOC?DE ,WON THE LAWSU?T AGA?NST SWITZERLAND GOVERNMENT.In fact th?s case was dealing with the freedom of speech of the denying of So-called Armenian genocide. Moreover, only denying Holacoust was approved as a crime by all the nations as ?t was recognised by the Nurnberg criminal court after the second world war.

    Asyou know Switzerland, one of the country among 4s (France,Greece,GreekCyprus and Switzerland) legally approves that denying of So-called Armenian genocide is a crime and this country considers subject crime within the scope of Article 261 bis of the Criminal code ( this article only dealing with racial discrimination and holacoust)

    Mr.Perinçek, who is Turkish politician, in order to protest Switzerland subject criminal code, went to this country .On 7 May 2005 in Lausanne ,18 September 2005 n Köniz(canton of Bern) he stated publicly that So-called Armenian genocide was an international and imperialist lie.Moreover ,on 22 july 2005 he stated in connection with the So-called Armenian genocide that the problem of Armenians , like that of the Kurds , had never been a problem and that it (genocide )had never existed.On 15 July 2005 the Switzerland -Armenian Association lodged a criminal complaint against Mr.Perinçek on account of the mentioned statements and later he was trialed in this country. On 9 March 2007 the Lausanne District Police Court found him guilty of the offence under Article 261 bis of the criminal code and ordered him to pay ninety day-fines of 100 Swiss francs.In fact , this decision is unfair and totally against human rights of freedom of speech.Because, so-called Armenian genocide has not been clearly recognised by any Internat?onal criminal court .Moreover,.It ?s much more different than Jews Holocoust and ?t can not be linked to Holocoust.

    Mr. Perinçek, in the year 2008 , applied EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS in order to dismissed of unfair decision and the charges of the Swizerland court.Finally,This case was ended 17th December 2013 and the appeal phase was ended 15th October 2015 in both phase Mr. Perinçek won the lawsuit agaist Switzerland.Now, Switzerland will abolish subject criminal code and will report to result EU and EU COURT OF HUMAN R?GHTS.within 6 months.



    on behalf of TALATPASA KOM?TES?….

    1. FresnoArmenians Nov 17, 2016

      If you don’t like it leave the USA we will and are expressing Freedom of Speech and the right to assemble. We have that right in America it’s not 1915 Pre – Republic of Turkey (est 1923) and none of you are American born. Go back to Erdogan’s land or to baba Mullah Fethullah Gulen that is who controls your sad country. Come to think of it no wonder you fled and live in the USA now. Well guess what ? we have 100 years on you in California we helped to build California into a powerhouse with: law offices, agriculture, film industry, art and culture, politics and you? What the hell have you contributed to the USA besides Ahmet that started Capital Records (who loved Armenians) Siktir

      1. Choicevoice Nov 18, 2016

        So your response to “Obstruction and preclusion of freedom of speech in any university is a vulgar and ignorant act of brutality unfitting to the understanding of academic freedom” is “Leave the USA,” genius? How many non-choir minds did you succeed in influencing with your silly reply? Indeed, there is right of assembly and freedom of speech, but those rights are not limitless… as with the proverbial yelling of fire in a crowded theater. What these protesters did was something akin to a loss of moral principles; they terrorized a conference that had nothing to do with the genocide topic they were obsessing over. What they did — and most likely you were among them with the fabulous adhesion to principles you have demonstrated from your unethical blather on this page — was beyond the pale.

        And when will you ever address the hard, cold historical facts that crimp your evil genocide claim? The one you responded to reminded us of no less than the manifesto of the first prime minister of Armenia, as one example. That was a really big deal for a typically dishonest Dashnak to have come out and tell the truth for once, wasn’t it? Pretty much admitting that what happened to the Armenians had nothing to do with intentional extermination (how there could have been extermination if 1 million survived out of an original population of 1.5 million is another story), and everything to do with the Armenians’ own betrayal?

        Given how much you paid homage to that genocide zealot in another of your posts, Raphael Lemkin, are you aware that the 1948 genocide law exempts political groups? Like the Jews of WWII, in other words, the victims need to be completely innocent? Oh, of course it is fruitless to tell you these things; the last thing you are concerned with is the truth, motivated as you are by the overflowing hatred and racism, in your heart.

  15. Ergun Kirlikovali Nov 12, 2016

    Armenians seem to be so firmly entrenched in their flawed narrative that they cannot even accept a simple, plain fact that ECHR, the highest court in Europe rejected Armenian claims of genocide twice: First time in its 17 Dec 2013 verdict and then again on 15 Oct 2015 where the first verdict was reaffirmed by the Grand Jury. ECHR ruled that Armenian genocide is a political claim, an opinion, not an irrefutable fact; rejecting Armenian claim is an exercise in freedom of speech; and genocide claim cannot be compared to the Jewish Holocaust which is a court-proven fact. (Jews were killed in 1940s by Nazis because of WHO they were; Armenians were PARTIALLY and temporarily resettled (TERESET-ted) because of WHAT Armenians have done: taking up arms against their own government and joining invading enemy armies.

    These are the rock-solid facts of history. But if facts do not fit the mold in the Armenian mind, Armenians simply deny them (while they readily call others deniers.) I understand the Armenian panic caused by international law rejecting genocide charges. This situation is explained in modern Psychology quite clearly under the title “cognitive dissonance.”

    After a millennium of harmonious cohabitation, Armenians, Armenians took up arms against their own government; resorting to revolts, terrorism, high treason, and making territorial demands, causing massive Muslim/Turkish casualties, all of which triggered the TERESET (temporary resettlement of 1915). But these facts contradict with the popular (but unsubstantiated) Armenian narrative based on hearsay, forgeries, omissions, and exaggerations, totally misrepresenting universal suffering that engulfed all the people of the area, not just Armenians. These facts create “cognitive dissonance” (mental conflict) in Armenians and their supporters. This self-induced psychological trauma can be resolved in two ways:

    1) by making room for the new information (accept the facts) and changing attitude accordingly,

    2) or reject all new information, dismiss the facts, and demonize the dissenters ( “Liar, liar, your pants are on fire” syndrome.)

    Most Armenians,unfortunately, seem to choose the latter, hence no closure in sight after a century.


    1. FresnoArmenians Nov 17, 2016

      Here is the #1 ranting lunatic Armenian Hater that was born in Greece and tries to pass himself off as a Turkic person and he is not. The famous Ergun Kirlikoian, Effendi MERHABA!!!! Here is a replay of your famous speech to the State Senate about “Armenian fish Eyes” please everyone try not to laugh too hard. BTW please keep this clown around he does wonders for your reputation and standing in the community. Oh and Republic of Turkey is owned by Gulen and his NATO /US Military partners. Snicker. ENJOY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3hiVmmdTAc

      1. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016

        Ergun Kirlikovali is a very well educated scholar. You cannot argue with a person like him by cursing and throwing around words of bigotry. Those kids who disrupted that speech without listening a word of it are terrible representation to Armenian community. with you trolling here this way, it gets even worse

        1. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

          Did you see his testimony in front of the California Senate? It was anything but Scholarly especially the erratic spitting noise he made. It’s a classic., Such a big scholar living in Calfornia the home of the largest population of Armenians outside of Armenia, he loves us pieces, he loves us so much he wants to live surrounded by Armenians. LMAO Ergun is a goon. He is a pseudo Turk like the rest of you, not 1 ounce of true turkic mongol blood …except for maybe Vega. The rest of you have Armenian and Greek blood in your veins.

          1. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016

            You’re so ignorant you don’t even know Turks and Mongols are actually two distinct races. We’re not related. Not even by a long shot. In fact even back in the days of central Asian Steppes Turks and Mongols never got along. They always fought.

  16. Emre Serbest Nov 12, 2016

    “Armenian students should learn to listen to others’ ideas and assessments for conceiving the truth. They should learn the well established verdict which became judicial precedent, of the European Court of Human Rights, by virtue of Perincek v. Swiss Case, in the years of 2013 and 2015.

    Obstruction of free speech in any university is a shameful and ignorant act of brutality unfitting to the concept of academic liberty in all democratic countries.

    I encourage Armenia and Armenians to learn what “genocide” is, and come face to face with the true nature of the tragic 1915 events avoiding hate speech and actions against Turkey and Turks! Freedom of speech “a la Suisse” is worthless!
    I urge the Alpha Epsilon Omega, and the Alpha Gamma Alpha members read and grasp their Dean’s reply well”.

    1. FresnoArmenians Nov 17, 2016

      We know what Genocide is, the term was coined by Lawyer Raphael Lemkin regarding the Armenian Mass slaughters and attempted complete destruction of an ethnic group and religion (CHRISTIAN THE ORIGINAL RELIGION OF TURKEY) you need to get an education away from Turkish sponsored schools. Read the books of eye witnesses that were not Turkish or Armenian like American Ambassador to Constaniople and eye witnessed the atrocities as well as intercepted many of Talat Pashas orders to eliminate the Armenians Henry Morganthau, Our dean is on our side not on your side you were not even born in America, people who are educated know about the Armenian Genocide as it was the first humanitarian relief voted in by the US. Congress it’s well docuemented in the Library of Congress with photos and diaries of American missionaries that went to save Armenians. (American Near East Relief) Lastly this state was built largely on the backs of Armenian genocide survivors we have even had an Armenian Governor., we worked hard with nothing to start with just each other and our strong and ancient culture and religious beliefs. You cannot come to our state that you have not contributed to and create hate speeches toward Armenian Americans. It’s bad enought we have to fix what your buddies (snicker) in the Gulen Movement are doing to our public charter schools. BTW it’s a law in California AB1915 that the Armenian genocide is taught in Public schools 7th grade and up. If you don’t like this then you should move back to Turkey where you were born.

      1. Choicevoice Nov 18, 2016

        Henry Morgenthau was not an eyewitness. He never left Istanbul and its surroundings. As with his posse of consuls (indeed, all foreign consuls, even the German ones), he only listened to whatever Armenian aides told him. Armenians, free to prosper in the Ottoman Empire for centuries before they decided to betray their nation, were part of the wealth class (according to missionary-consul Leslie Davis, Armenians held 95% of the bank accounts in his district), and thus were better educated. When foreigners needed interpreters, the Armenians were practically the only game in town; already prejudiced foreigners were sitting ducks for whatever nonsense their Armenians told them.

        Henry Morgenthau admitted in a letter to President Wilson that his book was meant as propaganda, to help the war effort. Morgenthau almost came close to FresnoArmenians, in portraying Turks as a savage and subhuman race. Not only is the claim that Morgenthau “eye witnessed the atrocities” a lie, but so is “as well as intercepted many of Talat Pashas orders to eliminate the Armenians.” Such orders do not exist. FresnoArmenians must have been thinking of the forgeries of Aram Andonian, which serve as much as legitimate evidence as Henry Morgenthau.

        This character, “FresnoArmenians” should be utterly ashamed for his terrible dishonesty, but of course such a hateful and racist person can know no shame.

        “Our dean is on our side not on your side you were not even born in America..” Being born in America is not how we determine honesty and integrity. It’s very believable that this dean believes in the Armenian genocide fabrication, because Armenian genocide propaganda is all we hear. The dean may have been born in America, and there is your proof that being born in America does not make a person correct. What makes a person correct is the ability to put aside one’s beliefs, and to consider genuinely verifiable facts.

        Even our Library of Congress has been infiltrated by Armenians. The one who operated the Library of Congress for many years was an outright bigot when it came to this issue, primarily because one of his chief librarians happened to be an Armenian-American.

        Telling the truth is not akin to creating “hate speeches toward Armenian Americans.” This is a very despicable thing to do, to try and cloud the historical facts by making the charge that there is some anti-Armenianism at work. We may easily see from FresnoArmenians’ disgusting posts what a racist and hateful person he is, and yet it’s the typical dishonest tactic to try and turn it around and accuse truth-tellers of indulging in “Hate Speech.” This is expected, as we may also see with the fake “genocide” charge. There was no Armenian genocide, and yet those who insist on it will never speak of the hundreds of thousands of Turks, Muslims and Jews the Armenians deliberately and systematically slaughtered.

    2. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

      Perincek is a Grey Wolf and you would be surprised how many grey wolves have Armenian blood. Perincek also had his son in the USA speaking to your sick Anti-American groups the FBI was watching him and you. They are listed on the FBI hate crimes groups in America. Perincek was also part of the negotiations for the Damascus, Russian, Turkey reconciliation. Turks know they are screwed NATO is turning you upside down along with their puppe Gulen.

      1. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016

        Perinçek’s son Mehmet Perinçek is a very good Friend of mine. We were together the whole time he was here. The only thing FBI was watching us for was bc Armenians were threatening to blow us up during Mehmet’s speeches. FBI was concerned about our safety. Being used to Armenian threats we didn’t even give a hood. We told FBI that this is usual Armenian arrogance and told them we can handle ourselves not to take it serious. So they went on their way.
        Perinceks are socialist not grey wolves. Grey wolves are right wing nationalist.
        I on the other hand am a proud grey wolf. And I’m pretty sure I don’t have any Armenian ancestry.

        1. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

          We have Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians that are in the FBI and that is not true. You are listed on hate crimes along with the rest of Grey Wolves that shot Pope John Paul, nasty criminals that have come into Northern Syria manipulating Syrian Turkmen to plunder Lattakia and kill Alawites and Armenians. They slaughtered the Russian pilots as they parachuted from their airplane. Killing them en masse while they were still in the air. Nice brave Turkeys right up there with killing women and children you must be proud. Grey wolves are listed on FBI list, but they are based out of NY. Say no more friend of Mehmet Perincek we know all about it and you. We know everything we need to know about your quest to try and show the world that Armenians are liars and made up the Genocide and that we killed Turks. You don’t fool the world they know the truth, from first hand experience. Many Grey Wolves are Armenian they are the Hidden Armenians of Turkey that you have wiped from the history of Turkey. I had one Turkish American tell me there never was Armenians in Erzerum. Then in the same breath you “Turkish Scholars” say Gulen is Armenian and he is from Erzerum. We have plenty of Armenian Families in California and USA that had long established roots in Erzerum. How dare you try to destroy the memory of the Byzantines that built what today is known as the Republic of Turkey (est. 1923) A baby nation built from the confiscated land, plundered churches, robbed households and businesses of the indigenous people.

          1. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016

            Oh sure if you have any friends in FBI pls send them my regards and send them to my way. I’m not hiding either. See I’m out in the open. Not a coward like you hiding behind a nick name. And if your friends ever show up, I’ll tell them some old tales of how we busted up your terrorist ASALA-JCAG Friends (who used to murder defenseless diplomats) back in the 80s. I’m sure they’ll have fun with that.
            On a separate note, if all Armenians have to come and post here is blabber mouth like you who is completely cutoff from historical and contemporary politics, they already have a lost cause.
            101 yrs later, all you have is your hatred, your propaganda one liners that I can name by hard, and bunch of bought out so called Genocide recognition bills. If you ppl had any kind of just cause you’d be far more ahead of where you are now.

  17. Emre Serbest Nov 12, 2016

    Armenians don’t realize that using expressions like “genocidal Turks” etc. constitutes racism against Turks.
    The term “genocide” is strictly a law term, and to call someone a killer, genocider etc. you need a court decision and prove the Ottoman Govt at the time did intentionally sanction a willful genocide campaign. No such court decision by an internationally recognized criminal court yet. The one held by the British acquited 140+ Ottoman dignitaries.
    If the deaths of Armenians (in however many disputable number) due to war, sicknesses, famine or other exigent circumstances constitutes genocide, same amount of Muslims and Jews who died in the hands of Armenians, Russians and other Entente Armies should constitute the same.
    You don’t see any of those protesters saying anything about all the Muslim and Turkic peoples massacred across Eastern Turkey and Caucuses do you? What a racial hypocrisy!

    1. FresnoArmenians Nov 17, 2016

      Proove it! You can’t…there is ample amount of proof of the Armenian Genocide by mostly non Armenian sources and the many good Turkish people that saved us or married our women. Famous Attorney Fethiye Cetin had a orphaned Armenian Grandmother as do many “Turkic” people who don’t have the Turkic true mongolian features. It’s hard for you to admit that my blood runs through your veins. Again here is the story of Ataturk’s adopted ARMENIAN daughter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOIDI6_RCZU

      1. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016

        You don’t have a clue about what Muslim Turkic and Kurdish population went true in Eastern Anatolia and Southern Caucuses ok? You don’t know how many millions killed, raped, tortured or exiled by your ARF buddies armed by the Russians. All you know is the Armenian propaganda one liners and coming here trolling folks who don’t share your folks. If you need proof read Justin McCarty’s death and exile book. That’ll quench your ignorance.

        1. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

          My ignorance? do you have a degree? No that was the historical and documented truth of Turks they love to kill, plunder, steal and rape to the gates of Vienna, throughout the middle east and to northern africa. I sincerely do mean it when I say the picture of you or your kids is adorable but I guarantee you they have no Turkic Blood but the blood of a Turkified and occupied people as i said possibly Bulgarian.

          1. Choicevoice Nov 18, 2016

            When we deal with opponents at odds with one another, of course the enemy is going to be demonized in the worst of ways. Because this hateful image of the “Terrible Turk” arose from the Christian Europeans who fought them, and later carried their prejudices with them, and chose to listen only to dishonest Armenians simply because they were fellow Christians, does not make such opinions “historical and documented truth.”

            Emre Serbest’s provided link will demonstrate to conscientious readers (because there is no reasoning with this hateful voice represented by “FresnoArmenians”… will you take a look at how he once more reminds us of his racial obsessions? “…Turkic Blood but the blood of a Turkified…”) the astounding reality that in the century ending with WWI, FIVE AND ONE HALF MILLION Ottoman Turks and Muslims were “cleansed” by those following the Orthodox Christian faith, with an additional FIVE MILLION displaced. Among those Orthodox Christians were the Armenians, who slaughtered one-half million Turks, Muslims, Jews and others… as they unfortunately “loved to kill, plunder, steal and rape.” Please consult the link for two very pro-Armenian Americans, Niles and Sutherland, who investigated on-the-spot in 1919, and reached these conclusions. (Here it is again: http://louisville.edu/a-s/history/turks/Niles_and_Sutherland.pdf )

            Is it not stupefying hardly anyone is aware of this “Holocaust”? The main reason is prejudice. Much to the hateful FresnoArmenians’ delight, people simply don’t regard this giant number of lost lives as valuable.

          2. Avram Cohen Nov 19, 2016

            Go back to bed you dirty Christian killing Terrorist!

          3. Avram Cohen Nov 19, 2016

            lol, tell that to the Germans that also just officially recognized the Turkish Genocide of 3 million Christian Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks, bahaha :)

          4. Emre Serbest Nov 19, 2016

            Germans are more ignorant idiots than you are

          5. Avram Cohen Nov 19, 2016

            I laugh at these ISIS supporting Muslims.. killing Christians today just like they did in the Ottoman times, 3 million Christian Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks butchered by these evil history revisionists..

          6. Emre Serbest Nov 19, 2016

            We don’t support Isis or any terrorist group for that matter. All the posters here laugh at you I’m sure. You started out with 1.5 million dead, later went up to 2 million, and now 3 million. Make up you mind you idiot

          7. Choicevoice Nov 20, 2016

            Thank you for your helpful and well-documented contribution to the discussion, hateful Armenian-pretending-to-be-a-Jew. You are making an excellent case for your cause, with your offensiveness and wild, unsupported claims.

          8. The Genocidal Turks Nov 21, 2016

            “Pretending-to-be-a-Jew”?? And you accuse others of being offensive? You are a sick Armenian Holocaust denier who has nothing better to do than to deny Genocides. So sad.

          9. Choicevoice Nov 22, 2016

            At first I fell for the moniker, but then I read the other giveaway posts of your cohort, “Avram Cohen”; he could not let loose of his Armeanie-iness. (Example: “…you dirty Christian killing Terrorist!”) This is an age-old practice of your type, easily signing up with another identity to give the idea that others besides Armenians agree with your imagined genocide, and are just as hateful. The group genocide-obsessed Armenians most love to emulate are Jews, because of the golden and entirely misplaced “Holocaust” parallel, and also because the Jews are the second most hated groups after Turks, to people like you. Here is a great Armenian joke, from the usual Armenian-genocide forums: “What do you get when you mix a Jew with a Turk? Answer; A Jerk.”

            Jews were targeted directly when Armenians went about their systematic extermination campaign, when they ethnically cleansed over one-half million Turks, Muslims and others, in areas occupied for years by the Armenians’ Russian (and later, French) allies… one incentive being their Dashnak racist ideology. This ideology served European-Armenians well, when they joined Hitler’s Third Reich some twenty-five years later. They mostly served as police in the occupied lands, judged not good enough for the front, and these Armenians lent a significant hand in rounding up the Jews, en route to the ovens.

            When a genuine reality is pointed out, there is nothing “offensive” about it. What’s offensive is when someone creates a lie to impugn the honor of another, charging them with a terrible genocidal crime — as you have emphasized with your racist choice for a moniker. You are one piece of work, to lecture anyone on morality. You can babble on as much as you want with useless remarks such as “You are a sick Armenian Holocaust denier,” which only provides orgasms for your fellow hateful toadies. You are not convincing anyone else. If you want to convince people of conscience, you have to come up with the factual evidence for your disgusting charge. As the British discovered at the end of their nearly-three-year-old investigation in preparation for the Malta Tribunal, such evidence does not exist. (What’s “so sad” is that you will continue being the miserable cretin that you are.)

        2. Avram Cohen Nov 19, 2016

          Don’t you have an ISIS terrorist meeting to attend, scumbag! The Kurds have acknowledged and asked for forgiveness for helping the Turks murder, loot and steal property of the Christian Armenians!

          1. Emre Serbest Nov 19, 2016

            If you wanna see a scumbag go look in the mirror you racist bigot! Kurds got killed by Armenians ARF by tens of thousands during WWI. If they’re siding with you buying you bs propaganda they ought to be seriously lost

      2. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016



        The Washington Post – Aug.10th, 1904” TURKISH GARRISONS ATTACKED BY ARMENIAN REBELS Revenge for Massacre – Several Hundred Soldiers Killed in Fighting Around Sassun… Destruction of Five Villages and Massacre of the Male Population Followed by Desperate and Successful Counter Attack.

        “Daily Kennebec Journal – May 28th, 1914” Armenian Volunteers are to be Increased to 15.000 – Assoc. Press.Tiflis, April 28:

        “Iowa Recorder – June 1, 1914” Destroy Many Towns According to a dispatch from the Vali of Bitlis, Asiatic Turkey, 17 villages have been destroyed by Armenian insurgents in the district of Sassun. More than 600 Armenian families have taken refuge at Mush, a town in Bitlis.”

        “The Washington Post – August 10, 1914” Slain With Bombs – Turkish Garrisons Attacked by Armenian Rebels. . . Revenge for Massacre – Several Hundred Soldiers Killed in Fighting Around Sassun

        “Fort Wayne Journal – Nov.6, 1914 ARMENIANS JOINING RUSSIAN ARMY
        “The New York Times” – Nov.7th, 1914 Armenians Fighting Turks – Besieging Van – Others Operating in Turkish Army’s Rear

        “ Manitoba Free Press – Nov. 7th, 1914” Campaign Against Turkey
        The Armenians are aiding- the Russians in the campaign against Turkey. The Turkish town of Van, 140 miles southeast of ERZURUM, Turkish Armenia, is being besieged by the Armenians.

        “The Ogden Standard” – Nov.12th, 1914” ARMENIANS HAIL TROOPS WITH JOY Long Anticipated Date of Deliverance from Turks at Hand – People Prepared for Sacrifice

        “Manitoba Morning Free Press – Nov. 13th, 1914” UNEARTHING GUNS AND AMMUNITION German Buried Big Supplies on Battlefields Outside Warsaw – Armenians in Revolt – Gathered Arms Secretly

        “Elyria Evening Telegram” – Nov. 13th, 1914” ARMENIANS READY TO SIDE WITH RUSSIANS Want to Get Into War in Order to be Delivered From Turkish Rule, Says Dispatch From Petrograd

        “The Washington Post – Nov. 13th, 1914” ARMENIANS JOIN RUSSIANS AND 20,000 SCATTER TURKS NEAR FEITUN DEAL BLOW TO TURKS Russians Scatter a Big Army Occupying Batumi Valley –

        “Reno Evening Gazette – Jan 7, 1915” ARMENIANS FIGHT FOR RUSSIA ?London, Jan. 7 – Reuter’s Petrograd correspondent transmits a message from Tbilisi stating that a detachment of Armenian volunteers had arrived there from America. The volunteers received an enthusiastic reception”.

        “Indianapolis Star “- Jan.8th, 1915” ARMENIANS JOIN RUSSIANS – Volunteers Arrive at Tiflis for Army Service

        “The New York Times” – Jan.8th, 1915” FROM AMERICA TO FIGHT – Detachment of Armenians Welcomed
        “The Washington Post “ – Aug. 22, 1915” THROW OFF TURK YOKE Armenians in Vilayet of Van End 600 Years’ Oppression – Schoolmaster is Governor – May be annexed to Russia or Be Granted Autonomy After the War (Note: Relocations started after May 27, 1915; by that time Armenians had taken Van to gift to Russia)

        “ The New York Times – October 9th , 1915” Why We Aid Armenians! Reventlow says it’s because we’re bought by Anglo-French Gold. (Note: Large part of relocations completed…No complaint of atrocities…)

        “Oakland Tribune” – Feb. 21st, 1916 ARMENIANS SLAY TURKS IN REVOLT- Grand Duke’s Victory Disrupts Islam

        Relocations was completed end of 1915 and /or dead. Who slay whom in revolt? (Were Armenians reborn?)

        1. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

          From the Hamidian Massacres under Bloody Sultan Hamid 1909 to mid 1920s (Ataturk’s revenge on civilians- really how brave was Ataturk he just killed women and children. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Press_coverage_during_the_Armenian_Genocide

          1. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016

            Ataturk had nothing to do with Hamidiye brigades. Those brigades were cavalry corps created to fight back against Armenian ARF aggression.

            Also In 1915, Ataturk was fighting against the occupation force in canakkale not eastern Turkey. Far away from Eastern front

          2. Choicevoice Nov 18, 2016

            FresnoArmenians has further demonstrated his idiocy by actually resorting to a link from “WIkipedia,” where anyone can write anything. Armenian genocide partisans are fully in control at Wikipedia, immediately censoring any facts that go against their agenda.

    2. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

      Genocidal Turks if the shoe fits wear it, I’ts not racism it’s calling it like it is, you love blood and thirst for it. Today you are proving the world who you are with the slaughter of Kurds, threats against Garo Paylan and threats spray painted on the Armenian School. Not to mention no conviction on the murderer of Turkish Armenian Hrant Dink, slain in the streets for daring to speak up about the islamicized and hidden Armenian http://armenianweekly.com/2016/11/18/the-plight-of-hidden-or-islamized-armenians-in-turkey/

      1. Choicevoice Nov 18, 2016

        “You love blood and thirst for it.” Wow.There you have the revelation of what a hateful insect this pitiful person is, making sure to spew his poison, in a vain attempt to conceal the impossibility of his position with a barrage of vicious words.

        “I’ts not racism it’s calling it like it is.” What is racism is trying to make a group out to be Nazis when no evidence exists, and to spread the hatred that comes straight out of the Dashnak Armenian code book. What is also racism is not to acknowledge the roughly 500,000 Turks, Muslims and Jews that the Armenians slaughtered in the most horrific of ways, while being set free in lands occupied by their Russian and French WWI allies, in effect attesting those lives do not matter one bit compared to the Armenians’ lives, who mostly died from famine and disease.

      2. Avram Cohen Nov 19, 2016

        The Turks are the kings of rewriting history.. I think they truly sound like dumb dumbs vocalizing their denial!

        1. Emre Serbest Nov 19, 2016

          It is Armenians who intend to rewrite the history. Btw isnt Avram Cohen a Jewish name? What the hell do you know about Armenians or Turks? Do you know Armenian revolutionaries killed lots of Jewish folks during Sason and Zeytoun revolts?

          1. Choicevoice Nov 20, 2016

            I made the same mistake, dear Emre; but then I realized the second people Armenians love to hate next to Turks are Jews. They love to give themselves Jewish monikers as they go about their cherished activity, polluting genocide boards with their completely ineffectual remarks… as demonstrated by “Avram” above.

          2. Emre Serbest Nov 20, 2016

            Excellent point Choicevoice. It is heartbreaking to see that these Armenians still carry and perpetuate the anti Semitic hate of the Old Armenian church.

    3. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

      Armenians certainly arent’ the only ones saying “Genocidal Turks” the Egyptians, Iraqis, Syrians, Russians, Kurds, Assyrians, Greeks, Pontus Greeks, Lebanese and most of Eastern Europe say this. Not sure what you did to your one time Ally Germany but most Germans sure do hate Turks. Oh and they have a lot of documentation on your murdering sprees including the photos taken by German officer Armin T. Wagner. Shame on Turkey to commit crimes against civilians and not own up to it or chicken shit say “we know Armenians died but it was war and Turks died too” or “We don’t believe 1.5 million Armenians died it was only 400,000” Geez you cannot even deny correctly.
      At least Germany admits to the Nazi area killing of Yahudis, and I can as an American say that my country shamelessly committed terribly Genocide on our Native Americans. 44 states in the USA officially recognize the Armenian genocide and they have immigration records from 1890 to 1928 to verify this. Especially in California well documented by the government.

      1. Choicevoice Nov 18, 2016

        If the propaganda becomes overwhelming especially against an ethnic group which has a built-in prejudice, as is the case with Turks, of course there will be those who agree on the false genocide charge. Bigoted opinions are no substitute for evidence. Armin Wegner’s undocumented photographs show suffering Armenians, they are no proof of “genocide.” Many Ottomans suffered during that catastrophic time, and it is racist to only point to Armenians, most of whom died of famine and disease. Hundreds of thousands of Turks, Muslims and Jews were butchered by Dashnak Armenians, but we certainly won’t hear the hateful voice above care about those lives.

        The hateful voice was shown a Near East Relief document from Emre Serbest (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-RU08P6-fyINGM0ZmU0N2EtNTg4Mi00M2U3LTgwZDMtNjE0OWYyZDBlYzIz/view ), repeating the well-known fact that 1 million Armenians survived. If the population was 1.5 million to begin with, as the Encyclopedia Britannica and many other sources of the time (even Armenian sources) calculated, obviously the math tells us there were 500,000 Armenian dead. Roughly the same number as the Turks, Muslims and Jews murdered by the Dashnak Armenians, only the Armenians who died mostly died of famine and disease. That is not “genocide.” If prejudiced politicians from 44 states have agreed with the genocide conclusion, that is not evidence; that is “opinion.” “Immigration records from 1890 to 1928” only verify how many Ottoman-Armenians were leaving their country, making the big lie of 1.5 million victims even more impossible.

        Naturally, all of this will matter not in the least to those such as “FresnoArmenians” who has been trolling with his hateful diatribe. The only thing conscientious readers need to ask is, what is the evidence? There is none. It is immoral to make criminal charges when there is no evidence, especially when the charge results in such terrible racism.The following thing conscientious readers need to ask is, how come we hear so much about this lie called the “Armenian genocide,” and nothing about the hundreds of thousands of Turks, Muslims and Jews the Armenians systematically mass-murdered? Why don’t those lives matter?

        1. Avram Cohen Nov 19, 2016

          Oh give me a break, the world knows the truth how the Ottoman Turks butchered not only close to 2 million Christian Armenians but also a million Assyrians and Greeks and now you bozo’s try to rewrite history,, lol good luck with that!

          1. Emre Serbest Nov 19, 2016

            The world knows? How do they know? Where is your proof? You ppl are really good at throwing figures around aren’t you? Show me one proof about Assyrians and Greeks! Where is an international court decision? If you can’t produce proofs, paddle through your bs elsewhere.

          2. Choicevoice Nov 20, 2016

            Certainly there are many in the world who believe in this false claim because of their prejudices & stupidity, and thank you, Avram, for presenting yourself as such a prime example of those with intellectual shortcomings and bigotry, Did you even read what was above? There was a linked 1921 reference source quite hostile to the Turks which corroborated 1 million Armenian survivors, subtracted from another source that was not known to be friendly to the Turks, leaving us with an Armenian toll of half a million… the lot of whom died of famine and disease and not genocidal violence. And here you are embarrassing yourself by still insisting almost 2 million Armenians died, which exceeded their pre-war population? Your kindergarten-level mathematical skills are pretty astounding.

            Then you throw out a made-up figure of Greeks and Assyrians who also rebelled against their Ottoman nation, not having any idea of especially the tiny number of Assyrians who originally resided before the war. Then you offer a childish “LOL” and indulge in name-calling, having no idea of how the thinking reader will dismiss you for your lack of integrity. Moreover, if your name is indicative of your religion, you choose instead to be blind to the Jews the Armenians mass-murdered not only in WWI, but in WWII, and you prefer instead to immorally charge the Turks with an unproven crime, maligning the one people in history who defended the Jews for centuries? Even “The Incredible Shrinking Man” cannot compare with the tiny little fellow you have shown yourself to be… that is quite an achievement.

      2. Avram Cohen Nov 19, 2016

        These Turks and Azeri’s are so brainwashed and uneducated by their governments that there is no need to debate with them, their just ignorant… in their minds the Armenian Genocide didn’t happen while the rest of the world knows of the truth.

        1. Emre Serbest Nov 19, 2016

          What the world knows are the racist lies you perpetuate.

        2. Choicevoice Nov 20, 2016

          Just caught on. Incognito Armenians love to choose Jewish monikers for themselves as a kind of “tribute” to another people they love to hate. Nice going, “Avram”!

          Reason why you can’t debate is because you lack the facts. Therefore, your only pathetic recourse is to make sweeping dismissive statements, not having any idea of how utterly foolish you sound to those not in the ranks of your fellow toads.

          I will thank you to not insult my American government for leaving me so “brainwashed and uneducated.” I realize no one can match wits with a superior intellect as yourself, the kind who rightly looks down on others because “their just ignorant.” Or did your six-year-old self mean “they’re”?

    4. The Genocidal Turks Nov 21, 2016

      You are a moron. The Turks who perpetrated the Armenian, Greek, Assyrian Genocides were “Genocidal Turks”. There’s nothing racist about pointing out that history. The term Genocide was coined by Lemkin, in part, to describe what the Turks did to the Armenians actually. You a sad Armenian Holocaust denier and you use the same tactics as Holocaust deniers because you can’t accept your past for some strange reason. It’s bizarre to everyone else around the world, like the Turkish governments attempts to legalize child rape in Turkey.

      1. Emre Serbest Nov 22, 2016

        Oh LMAO I’m the moron? Am I the only one that sees the deeply and pathetically moronic nature of adopting a moniker such as “The Genocidal Turks”? Is it not moronic to blame and brand an entire race as genociders 100 years after the alleged victims and perpetrators are long gone? The very motive Armenians such as yourself do that is the fact that racism against Turks deeply engrained and rooted in your nature. In fact, it is my belief, true or not arguable, that it is that very hatred against Turks and the presumed sense of genocide victimization is what holds Armenians together. I will not be the one ashamed to point out that that is racism in the truest sense. And we have seen how disastrous consequences that perpetuated racism can have with the Khojaly massacre perpetrated by Armenians on Turks.

        You have your hatred against Turks, and propaganda one liner myths such as Rafael Lemkin (who is a Jew) having Armenians (instead of Holocaust) in mind when he coined the term “genocide”
        That myth busted long ago by researcher, Sukru Aya. Can be found here:


        And yes, save your breath, he is a staunch denier like me, who denies the historical falsehood of Armenian genocide claims like myself.

        I, such as Mr. Aya, feel that it is my intellectual and civic duty to tell the world about the truth behind the events of 1915. Why is that important? Same reason why it was important to Galileo to say that world was round, when most of the world had been led to believe by Catholic Church that it was flat. Where would our civilization be, had Galileo or the likes of him had succumbed to the Catholic propaganda and accepted the falsehood?

        As a separate note, the legal measure you widely misrepresented about certain statutory rape victims has not passed the Turkish congress. It has been withdrawn by the congressmen “for further research” as it was poorly reasearched and written and drew widespread protests by the Turkish people.

  18. Orhan Tan Nov 12, 2016

    That news reveals the first example how the students feel hatred when they have the so called Armenian Genocide included in their curriculum. The next generations unfortunately will be educated as racists.

    1. FresnoArmenians Nov 17, 2016

      No they won’t they won’t be educated in Turkey and soon we will rid the USA of your buddies (snicker) the Gulen Movement out of our educational system. Orhan if you don’t like it move back to Turkey if you dare (it’s falling into ISIS terrorism) You don’t control our education in the USA and never will. We have a law in California AB 1915 that Armenian Genocide and other Genocides are taught 7th grade and up.

      1. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016

        We’re not Gulen supporters and in fact we hate him and what he stands for. Your allegations to suggest that we are is just plain trolling

        1. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

          You hate Gulen and Erdogan, see you Kemalist Grey Wolf Turks cannot even get along with your own. That’s ok Gulen is going to destroy Turkey and Erdogan will help him., If you really have any pride of Turkey you should be protesting the head offices of the Magnolia Schools at 250 e. First st., Los Angeles, CA. They had parents and students sign a nasty letter to your Turkish Consulate of LA. Talk about inappropriate why aren’t you protesting their offices for sending that nasty letter? http://www.slideshare.net/GulenCemaat/magnolia-science-academyletter-to-turkish-consul-general-final

          1. FresnoArmenians Nov 18, 2016

            Gulenists are teaching American students that Turkey is evil and violates human rights. Has them sign a letter to your Turkish Consulate in LA, you should be stopping that. FWIW I don’t believe my tax dollars should be paying for Gulenists to disparage Turkey and Erdogan. If I protest in front of the Turkish Consulates office in LA i do it on my own time and dime. Why are the Gulenists using American money to attack Turkey? http://www.slideshare.net/GulenCemaat/magnolia-science-academyletter-to-turkish-consul-general-final

          2. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016

            Enough of the Gulenists I don’t give a damn about Gulenists they can all go the bottom of the hell. And frankly I wouldn’t mind if they took you with them.

          3. Emre Serbest Nov 18, 2016

            I don’t care a bit about Gulen or Erdogan I already said

    2. Avram Cohen Nov 19, 2016

      Haha, the famous number #1 Armenian Genocide denier right here, Orhan Tan!
      More countries are recognizing the Genocide now, including Germany!! Your history revisionist campaign of denying is quickly dying out huh, haha :)

      1. Emre Serbest Nov 19, 2016

        How many #1s are there here? You guys called Ergun Kirlikovali #1 a while ago!
        You know what dipshit, we deny you BS genocide propaganda. Bc that’s what it is. Plain simple brainwashing propaganda.
        If you were falsely accused of murder, what would you do? Deny it right? You wouldn’t incriminate yourself bc someone is telling you denying is wrong. This is the same thing. If you ppl think we’ll succumb to your false genocide propaganda by your ridiculous “denialism” argument, you are sorely mistaken.

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